Jamplay Review 2019

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Jamplay site is one of the fastest rising online guitar lessons sites. This site allows you to learn how to play the guitar with no pressure. It allows you to enjoy the guitar without the pressure of the teacher. Additionally, this ensures that you will learn how to play the guitar without the extra hustle of looking for the perfect teacher.

Jamplay Review

1. Program features

In this jamplay review, you will get to see the various features in the site. The site offers a thousand lesson at all levels. Additionally, it allows you to choose from different genres and have the opportunity to learn how to write songs. Moreover, you can bookmark your lessons and be able to see the progress history.

2. Benefits

• Community and interaction

The online site has an open forum where you can interact with others and have a sense of community

• Learn at your comfort

The lessons allow you to learn guitar in the comfort of your home without any pressure. This allows you to perfect your skills even with a tight schedule.

• Easy steps to follow

The site is straightforward to follow as it has easy steps. This makes it easy for you to navigate through the site with no problem.

3. Types of lessons offered

a. Beginner lessons

Jamplay offers a variety of beginner lessons for you. If you are planning on taking up the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, then this is the right site for you. They offer easy to follow lessons that work well for you. Additionally, they have beginner lessons for your children

b. Advanced lessons

Most people concentrate on beginners and forget about the advanced guitarist. Jamplay ensures that the more advanced guitarists have a perfect ground to train and improve his or her skills. More of the advanced lessons can be found on phase 2, 3, and 4. They offer you all the skills you can perfect and make guitar playing fun.

c. Bass lessons

Are you a bass player and you’ve been dying to improve and perfect your skills? Then it would be best if you relaxed and not worry as Jamplay has got your back. Most of the bass lessons are offered by some of the greatest bassists of our time. However, for you to access the bass lesson, you are required to have a different subscription.

4. Lesson format

Jamplay has an easy to follow format. The site is designed in a simple way that allows you to navigate your way with no problem. At the top of the dashboard, there is a lesson tab. When you select this tab, you get to see all the different lessons offered in four phases, beginner, songwriting, genres, and skills.

 Additionally, the site has a video player at the centre with a scene selection sidebar. This allows you to select the part of the song you want to learn and other lessons from the instructor. The bottom of the page has a toolbar which shows you the option to download a video, make your notes and comment about the lesson.

5. Pricing

Jamplay offers both competitive and simple pricing that ensures that you all get the needed lessons. Jampaly does not have a diverse membership, and they have a standard price of $19.95 per month. This subscription allows you to access all the areas in the site. If you are training to be a bassist, then you can buy a bass subscription for the same price ($19.95) per month instead of getting a guitar. An added advantage is that this money can be fully refunded if you change your mind within the first month.

6. Pros and cons


• They offer more than 1000 online video lessons

• They have different training levels from beginner to super advanced

• It has affordable fees which allow you to save up on hiring a personal guitar teacher

• They release new courses on a regular basis

• Great search function that allows you to surf and browse through the videos easily


• You can’t save the videos on your laptop for free you have to pay a premium membership free

• Some of the instructors are not as good as others. Hence, it would help if you looked for the teachers you like.

7. Jamplay trials and coupon codes

Although the Jamplay price is a little bit competitive, they offer coupon codes and extra discounts. To get a 10% offer, you enter the A7ECB81ADC. Moreover, to get a 25% off for the first month of the monthly subscriptions, you enter the code 7A508817CB. Additionally, Jamplay offers a free trial for the first week when you register.


Learning a guitar has never been easy. You can learn at the comfort of your home with nobody stressing you out. Try the online guitar lessons and explore your artistic self.

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