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My intension is to to compose electronic beautiful harmonies which creates pictures in all listeners - and the main thing for me - just let everyone feel good - if they listen to my tunes. I also participate in many remix competitions because it is great for me to work with vocals from famous artists.


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Music is the Key to Heart and Soul!



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6:38 PM Apr 4th 2011
From: Antidote & Sevannah

Thank u =) very glad to here that u like our track =)
11:22 AM Jan 5th 2011

I like you music Bernd. a NICE SOUND!

cheers Darrell
12:15 AM Dec 22nd 2010
From: Didorion

Like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season with a brighter New Year!!!.May your endeavors reach their goal,take care,Didorion
11:51 AM Oct 15th 2010
From: Deejay Joyka

Check out some of my tracks, available for mp3 download on Ubetoo Store NOW!
Sky Ride 2K9 -
Mystery Falls -
Own The Dancefloor -

Music is Life: \0/ Hear It... Feel It.. Live It! \0/
Deejay Joyka
10:09 PM Oct 7th 2010
From: Deejay Joyka

Well hello there, and thx for the add. Feel free to play my tracks, leave a guestbook comment, or even a private message if you please.. Have an uplifting weekend, my Ubetoo friend! Grtz and hands up, Joyka

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