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Now finally I´ve got the chance to record my first studio album in the US.

Thanks to Mobli (a social site) I´ve met Shawn Scarano and BurnedByGod records.

We are currently looking for the right producers and engineers and I´m working on narrowing down the number of songs that I want to go on the album.

Shawn is now my manager/promotor so all contacts will go through him.'

You are always welcome to contact me as well but all business matters goes through him.

Contact info:

Attn: Shawn Scarano

Burned By God Records LLC (BBG)

131 A Lorraine ave.

Oreland, Pa 19075


Cell Number: 610-392-7320 (US number)

Buy and Listen to my Stuff now!!

With Love Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr
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Born 1977, Feeling ready to get my music out big time, my songs are constantly growing and evolving and my main goal is to reach out to as many as possible. LOVE to you all!!



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3:39 PM Jul 8th 2011
From: Amelie Chroneér Helsing

Tack för din kommentar :) Härligt sound du har!!
12:53 AM Jun 18th 2011
From: Amanda Lundstedt

Haha jag brukade bo i Sollentuna ja med innan jag flyttade till Spanien :) Iaf, jag gillar verkligen dina låtar du har en oneklig talang som songwriter, din röst är riktigt bra också. Tycker inte alls att det låter som "amateur", those songs would sound even better on a stage xx
11:27 AM May 7th 2011
From: Tompaz

Hej D!! lycka till med cd/single-rock on:)mvh Tompaz
6:45 PM May 4th 2011
From: T.Jay


9:03 PM Mar 29th 2011
From: Casey Ymbert

Thanks for the message. You have a great voice! Keep it up!

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