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Small local label started off as a group of 5M.C.'s and 1 singer King Of Diamonds back in 1997 and due to different personal situations was broke down to 3 members Myself King B./ Nov The God / and Young Money. While over seas in Iraq I decied along w/ my partners to go ahead and make this group a label and start signing our own artists . Especially since u know we were already associated with the best up and coming talent teach 'em what we know and get them and ourselves out there . So that's a brief history on hhow the label came to be . Now we are looking 4 a distribution deal for our label . Buffalo New York is where it's poppin' at.


CityBuffalo , New York
CountryUnited States
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Everybody always asks me what does 1812 mean what does it stand for? And I tell'em the city of Buffalo was burned from 1 end to the other during the War Of 1812 this is just a metaphor of what we plan to do with our wordplay, our songs, books , movies, our lifestyle.Burn The Town wherever we go. And we've been doing just that since 2006 under the name DUECE QUAD ILL BLOCK Records.Officially we've been working as a label since June 2009 as 1812 Entertainment.Which consists of The Commission(YoungMoney/Mo'Dolla/Ed Good/Mook/Money),Young Legends(Sunset/P.Kae/J.U.I.C.E./Young Fresh/Philly & Rob Bricks),Drama SET (Ziek/Sho Chips/Coop/Yalloni/Chonda),NOV and of course myself King B STAX



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7:45 AM Jun 8th 2013
From: @1812ENT

New music coming soon from King B STAX , Young Money or SKILLZ , Clef Mo Dolla , & NOV THA GOD
11:44 PM Jan 7th 2013
From: How to E.Q. and Compress

bit.ly/NaF1ak Get your own copy. This is a must read. Get this first, then look at your old work for new ideas$$
12:16 AM May 8th 2012
From: Subztain

Even though im a huge fan of rock music this kinda makes me feel good too :) Check out my band subztain and drop a comment or two. What do you think? Have a nice day// Antz from subztain
7:44 PM Apr 19th 2012

7:40 PM Apr 19th 2012
From: Chuck Prins & the Headliners

cheers to Dr. Bob and the Sabres .. One Love ..

been a Sabres fan all my life .. go go Lindy Ruff .. remember when you were a left wing .. one of the most under-rated forwards ever .. salut ..

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