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Juan Carlos White is half German, half Spanish. He lives in Germany but his heart belongs to Spain.

He was hardly 10 years old when he first got in contact with electronic music. His first computer was a Commodore 64. All the sounds out of this small box fascinated him and he decided that electronic music was exactly what he needed. But first he had to find out which style was best for him, so he tried them all.

All of his friends were DJs so he wanted to be a producer and a DJ. He started out with an Atari computer with Cubase on it and he experienced that everything is possible when making electronic music. He became totally in the spell of music. After some attempts in the direction of Techno/Chillout he found his roots in House/Progressive/Club music.

This music direction was exactly right for him because now he could use all of his creativity. His best talent developed in making something new out of old tracks, creating a completely new sound.

After a break of 4 years Juan Carlos started producing again in July 2009 with a new positive vibe. At the moment he works on new projects and he’s collaborating with other talented artists (like Emka II a fantastic DJ & Peter Kellermann, a great saxophonist).

Juan Carlos White

Juan Carlos White
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DJ , Producer , Love Music , Listen :o)

More Tracks @ www.facebook.com/beatbugz

and www.mixcloud.com/juan-carlos-white/

More Info @ http://facebook.com/whitecarlosjuan

Notice : These tracks are not finally mastered. They are just previews..



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12:25 AM Sep 25th 2013
From: lg dash apt

what up nice look
5:09 AM Jul 13th 2011
From: Bold 'n' Boasy Entertainment

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4:35 PM Dec 19th 2010
From: Didorion

Like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season with a brighter New Year!!! Thank you for your Double F,Friend and Fan.May your endeavors reach their goal,take care,Didorion
9:26 AM Mar 5th 2010
From: Angie

Please listen, comment and vote on my summerhit song "Dance the night away"
Thank you so much
8:48 PM Mar 1st 2010
From: cocoonantz

Hi nice music.

Listen to my summerhit " One of them days " And leave a comment if you like :) it is a competition in sweden and it would be nice to win for a change :p
Keep rocking!

With regards Antz

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