10 South African Gospel Choir Groups You Should Listen To

Here's a list of the 10 African Gospel Choir Groups you should listen to

Check out the 10 African Gospel choir groups you should listen to.

80 percent of the most popular solo artists in the music industry were once members of a choir. It is almost a rite for passage for some, as being in a choir trains you to not only make good music, but also to be more confident as a either a performer or a minister.

A lot of the most popular choirs in Africa are based here in Mzansi. Some of them have achieved global recognition and worked with various international artists. They have also won multiple awards for their music too.

Most of these choirs groups originated from churches and are made up of a large number of singers (choristers). While some, are independently formed and have a lesser number of members. Either ways, they are all regarded as choir groups, and make as much impact in the African Gospel music industry just as much as the solo artists do.

Now, here’s a list of the top 10 Goschoirs you should know;

1. Soweto Gospel Choir

Originally from Soweto, South Africa, the Soweto Gospel Choir is arguably the biggest Choir group in and out of Africa. The popular group has released several studio and Live albums and worked with some of the biggest artists in both Africa and the world. They have also won multiple awards including Grammy Awards for “Best World Music Album”, and “Best Traditional World Music Album”.

2. The African Methodist Choir

The African Methodist Choir may not be the biggest or most popular Choir group in Africa, but they have made some very beautiful music. The popular South African Choir is credited to have released memorable songs like “Jerusalem Ikhaya Lam”, “Siya Kudumisa Thixo”, “Masibulele Ku Jesu”, “Seteng Sediba Samadi”, and a long list of beautiful hymns.

3. Joyous Celebration

Just as their name implies, this is one of the most liveliest choir groups in both Mzansi and Africa. They are also one of the best selling choir groups of all time in Africa. Joyous Celebration has released an unending list of hits including “My God Is Good”, “Tambira Jehova” and more. They have also won several awards including multiple SAMAs.

4. Spirit of Praise

With several musical projects to their name, South African choir group, Spirit of Praise is undeniably one of the hardest working groups in the continent. They have delivered quite a number of hits including “Nasempini”, “Ngaphandle Kokuthi”, “No One Can” and more. They have also earned themselves many awards, and deserving international recognition. They are also credited for their work with several other Gospel acts.

5. We Will Worship

We Will Worship is made up of a group of musicians who regard themselves are a movement intentionally making room for God to add to them and shift them as seasons change. The popular group also originated in South Africa and has marked a mark in the African Gospel scene with their music, thereby scoring a number of awards.

6. Women In Praise

It is still a ride for these ones to much bigger recognition. The Women In Praise group, obviously made up of only female music ministers has been doing really well since they hit the music scene. They have released several projects including “Spiritual Celebration”, several volumes of “Women In Praise” and earned a lot of recognition in the Gospel music scene.

7. Tshwane Gospel Choir

Not a lot of people would say they dont know the Tshwane Gospel Choir. The popular South African Gospel choir group has been around for a while and has earned massive recognition on the scene. They have dropped several musical projects including “The Next Revival Live”, “Revival (Deluxe)”, and a long list of hit songs.

8. Worship House

For about a decade or more now, Worship House has become one of the most sort after Choir groups in both South Africa and in Africa. The popular Gospel choir has earned massive recognition for dropping several successful albums including “Project 17 (Live At Carnival City)”, “True Worship 2014 – Live In Church” and more. They have also received several award nods and won a number of them.

9. Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors

While others can boast in their numbers, the Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors have formed a bond amongst themselves and grabbed all of Mzansi and Africa’s attention with their music. They may not be as popular as Joyous Celebration or the SGC but they have earned a very recognized place in the Gospel music scene. They are one group to check out.

10. Shongwe and Khuphuka Saved Group

The Shongwe and Khuphuka Saved Group is probably the least popular group on this list right now but they have made noticeable impact in the Gospel scene especially in South Africa. They have delivered a number of projects including uJehova Uvumile, “Amazulu Akubhekile”, and more. They have also dropped memorable tracks including “Biza Ujesu”, “Konke Kuhambakahle” and more.

Feel free to add your own suggestions to this list in the comments section.

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