10 Most Expensive Schools In South Africa

Read our list of South Africa’s ten most expensive schools.

Everyone knows how much of an investment education is. Parents seek the best for their children. They believe they can achieve that by sending them to the best schools in the country and the world. Some say, “the more expensive the school, the better the curriculum.”

We do not know if there is any truth to this saying. However, some of the expensive schools in the country offer so much to students that you would not see in other schools. In ascending order, here is a list of the ten most expensive schools in the country.

1. St. Alban’s College Lynnwood Glen (R264, 900)

St. Alban’s college is a school for boys. It was established to provide academic needs for boys who could not attend public school due to religious constraints or locations. The school boasts a remarkable academic profile. 6% of its educators are expatriates from different parts of the world. It has a significant number of international students from all over the world.

2. St. Andrew’s School Bedfordview (R265 270)

A bit more expensive than St. alban’s, St. Andrews charges a little over R265 000. The school was designated as a Heritage site by the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation in 2007. This was due to the school’s historic buildings and structures. The school accepts both day students and boarders.

3. St. Mary’s School Waverley (R272 240)

Next is St. Mary’s School Waverley, a private African English medium and boarding school for girls. Founded in 1888, the school is located in Gauteng and is among the top intellectual schools. Conducted by expert teachers, the school offers whole-day enrichment classes. The school accommodates learners from nursery to high school.

4. Kearnsney College Botha (R277 200)

Close to five thousand Rands over the previous school, Kearnsney College Botha is among the most diverse schools in the country, which accepts learners from across the world. The school boasts a solid academic performance and various medals accumulated through the years. It offers various extracurricular activities and arts and crafts activities. Kearnsney College provides accomodations and boarding facilities for learners who need extended or special care.

5. Bishops Diocesan College – R277 800

A few hundred Rands over Kearsney College, Bishops Diocesan College, is renowned for educating boys from different backgrounds. The school is also renowned for its remarkable sporting achievements. For its academic and sporting performances, the school ranks among the top schools in the country. Over the years, several notable persons have been linked to the school. This makes it highly sort after.

6. St. John’s School Houghton (R284 198)

St. John’s School Houghton is famous for offering educational experiences that promote critical and creative thinking skills. The school prides itself in promoting love for learning. Its international Baccalaureate program helps prepare its students for the University experience. It offers several extracurricular activities and a well-equipped gym. It helps groom students with love for sports.

7. Roedean School (R287,558)

The Roedean School is famous for being among the best elite girls boarding schools in the country. The school was founded in 1904, and it offers a rigorous academic curriculum for girls between the ages of 7 to 13 from all over the world. Its curriculum includes drama, dance, music, and foreign languages. The school’s extensive art studio helps teach animation classes. It also boasts a community center with three large gyms designed with state-of-the-art equipment.

8. St. Andrews College Grahamstown (R291 000)

St. Andrews College Grahamstown is a private Anglican boarding school. It is regarded as one of the leading schools in the country due to its academic performance. The school admits and grooms learners from different parts of the world. As much as its academic performance is impressive, it offers excellent sporting activities to its students.

9. Michaelhouse (R303 600)

Michaelhouse is a private boarding school founded way back in 1896. For over a century, the school has offered a rich history and education to elite children in South Africa and the world. The school provides traditional education, which focuses on languages, music, art, sports, and classics. The school boasts some of the finest amenities and facilities in the country. The school’s Anglican background is deeply rooted. According to Money Today, it “follows the ethos set by the Church of England but with plenty of freedom to design its curriculum to suit its learners.”

10. Hilton College (R331 550)

Hilton College reigns supreme as the most expensive school in South Africa. Fees cost over R331 000. It boasts over 500 students from various parts of the world (over 80 countries). The school offers programs in Afrikaans and English as well. It also ranks among the top schools in the country. It offers an amazing curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities.

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