10 Tools You Need As A DJ

It’s cool being a DJ. You’ve probably seen one or two DJs that you admire and want to be like. But what does it take? What will you need? Lucky for you, we made a list.

10. Headphones

You need headphones, yeah? As a producer or DJ, after making the mix, you will need the headphones to listen to what you’ve cooked up.

You don’t need just any headphone though. You need quality ones. It won’t be ideal to have a top song or beat and fail to work appropriately on it because you have a bad headphone.

The $1000 Audeze LCD-X is a pretty good one and so is the Sennheiser HD-25. You can always opt for either of the two or you know, something simpler than that.

9. Correction Software

This is important too. Headphones most times color the quality of what you hear. So, it is possible that a beat or sound you are hearing has just been amplified by the headphone. In times like that, it is the job of the correction software to ensure that you put out the right thing.

Sonarworks is a pretty good one. It can turn your studio headphones into a powerhouse capable of producing the best beats and we recommend it.

8. Audio Interface

When producing, you need to have an audio interface so that the sound is more rounded. Without it, it will be like recording a song with a small layer of cloth on the speaker.

Recommended interfaces are the Apogee One and Apogee Duet and both are highly regarded as two of the best around. It will do your DJing and producing a world of good.

7. MiDi Controller

This is important when you are trying to find a right line or bass or key. The controller will help make it easier especially if you have the micro key. You can get any of the microkeys and carry it around. You’ll love it and it’ll make things easier.

6. Splice Sounds

You need this too. This is for when you need to do some real mixing. It’ll definitely come in handy. You can check out Landr and see if it works for you. But you do need it for the mixing and mastering.

5. Solid bag

Hey, this may appear underrated but you need something solid always. It won’t make sense to have your equipments all come sprawling on the ground because of the bag. Get something solid.

4. Turntable

You already know you need this, right? Well, we thought we’d remind you. You can check out the pioneer DJ PLX 1000. Should work nicely.

3. Microphone

This is sometimes needed too. If you’re all for the personal hygiene, you may want to carry your own microphone with you. Saves you the headache of wondering who’s used it or if it’ll work the way you want.

2. Loud speakers

Asides the headphones, what can be cooler than hearing how your sound will sound in a club or bar? Get you some nice speakers for when you are done mixing and want to hear how it sounds.

1. Power bank

You probably need one of these if you’re going to be doing a lot of work. You really can’t bank on the electricity every time or having power everywhere you are especially if you will be on the road a lot. Get yourself a strong power bank that lasts.

Think we left anything out? Share in the comments.


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