808x Songs Top 10 (2020)

Top 10 808x songs from 2019-2020

Check out the top 10 songs from Mzansi Hip-hop producer, 808x from 2019 to 2020.

While SA Hip-hop is bubbling with great talent that seems quite unending, some names seem to stand apart from the rest. You would expect them to be drowned out by the rest but they remain unmoved and continue to make quite a noticeable buzz all around.

Mzansi Hip-hop producer, 808x is as genius as it gets. You may or may not know this but he is the mastermind behind some SA rapper, The Big Hash’s biggest hits and projects. His work is undeniably impressive, and for that we stan.

Since last year till this year, he’s been up to a lot of work. He hasn’t really dropped much solo material this year but he recently delivered a new joint which of course is on this list. So, here’s a list of his top 1 songs from 2019-2020.

1. BTWBTL (ft. The Big Hash & A-Reece)

2. Gorgeous (with The Big Hash)

3. Big Fella (with Solve The Problem)

4. I’m Sorry (with The Big Hash)

5. How To Kill A Dead Body (The Big Hash & Flvme)

6. My Way (The Big Hash)

7. Fake Givenchy (The Big Hash ft. Flvme)

8. Fiji Water (The Big Hash)

9. 22 (Solve The Problem)

10. Saint Nick

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