90 Day Fiancé: Thaís Vegas Chapel Wedding, Zied & Rebecca Staying In Tunisia, Bilal & Shaeeda’s Prenup

Reality shows have a way of keeping readers hooked, and 90 Day Fiance has been doing that with ease. Here is a summary of the drama that played out this past week.

Thais has a thing for chapels and would love to get married in one. During a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, Thais had suggested they run away and get married, but Patrick thought otherwise. He wouldn’t want to marry her in Vegas, which he equates to strippers.

The Vegas trip was Patrick’s way of reuniting with his hometown as well as getting away from his brother John, who lives with him and who Thais doesn’t get along with anyway.

Thais’ father doesn’t fancy Patrick as he thinks all American men are merely out to take advantage of Brazilian women. So Thais hasn’t told him she’s going to marry Patrick.

It has often been said that there is nowhere like home. While not everyone would agree with this, it’s the case with Zied Hakimi, who has his roots in Tunis, Tunisia. He has been away from home for years. And now he wants to return briefly.

Two years of waiting led to a positive outcome. But what about Zied’s lady Rebecca? Not having seen his family for years, Zied Hakimi doesn’t think a week is enough time to experience them all. So, he plans to spend a month in Tunis and wants Reb to come with him.

Rebecca is nervous, however. She fears that if he leaves for Tunis, he might not want to return to the United States. It’s even more worrisome for her because their rent expires this month, and the cost has also tripled.

Bilal and Shaeeda have also remained a couple of interest. From when they joined the 90 Day franchise to this moment, they have kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Of paramount interest is the prenuptial agreement Bilal would have Shaeeda sign before they can go forward with the relationship. He had told her about the prenup during a date, almost ruining the whole experience.

But Shaeeda’s sisters advised her to add her own conditions to the prenup – she wants a child before she turns 40. She’s currently 37. She may as well add whatever else that would make her happy in her marriage.

Bilal already has two kids from his ex-wife but isn’t opposed to having more kids. So, the union might fly in the coming days.

Kim is expressive – unapologetically so. This reality played out recently when she vented her frustrations during Usman’s music video shoot.

Will the coming week be even more dramatic? Stay tuned.

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