ABSA Online Internet Banking, How To Login & Download App, Branch & Swift Codes, Loans & Credit Card Types

ABSA is one of the major banks in South Africa, with branches in other countries on the continent. Headquartered in Johannesburg, ABSA Group Limited was formerly known as the Barclays Group Limited. The bank offers online, business and personal banking, and more.

In this article, we are going to lay bare some of ABSA Group Limited’s services, including how to use ABSA online internet banking, how to open account & login, how and where to download banking app, ABSA branch & swift codes, ABSA loans, ABSA credit card types, and much more.

How To Use ABSA Online Internet Banking 

ABSA has a robust banking infrastructure allowing you to not only bank at a branch but from your mobile phone and pc as well. However, before you can have access to online and internet banking, you need to have an account with the bank.

Opening an ABSA account is easy. The first step is to determine the account that suits your lifestyle. You have the following options,

  1. Premium Banking: You will need a minimum monthly income of R25 000 to operate this
  2. Gold Value Bundle: you will need a minimum monthly income of R10 000 to operate this
  3. Flexi Value Bundle: You will need a minimum monthly income of R3 000 to operate this.

These options are further divided into more options which you can explore as you please.

Having determined which option is best for you, then head over to the online application form here. The page looks like this.

In the options provided, tick whichever applies to you. If you clicked “No,” you will be shown a page that looks like this.

Select from the drop-down options in both fields and click “Continue.” You will be led to another page that spells out the requirements for opening an account, which includes:

  R50 minimum balance

  You must be 18 years or older

  You must be a South African citizen with proof of residence

  You will need a valid bar-coded South African ID or a valid passport

In the options provided, tick whichever applies to you.

Select from the drop-down options in both fields and click “Continue.” Complete the registration process and your details will be forwarded to you at the email/ phone number provided.

You now have a place in the world of one of South Africa’s brightest banks.

Security Tip: It is not advisable to open an account using a public computer or cybercafé. Such systems might have key loggers that record everything you do, making your data accessible to dubious strangers. You don’t want anyone stealing your information and your money.

Registering For ABSA Online Banking and Setting up ABSA Banking App

Registering for online banking enables you to use the ABSA banking app and more. You can visit the registration page here. It looks like this.

Fill out the required details. You will need to enter your 16-digit ATM card number and your ATM PIN number, your email address, 10-digit phone number, as well as accept the terms and conditions from ABSA. Then you have to click “Register.” If registration is successful, you will get a confirmation, and the banking app will be activated for use.

Logging Into Your ABSA Account For online Banking

Having created an account, you might want to check out what the dashboard looks like, simply log in by heading to the login page here. The page looks like this.

Now, this is where you have to be very, very security conscious. Before you do anything, check the address bar of your browser to see if there is a padlock sign (it indicates encryption/ security). If there is no padlock sign, close the web page. It is probably a phishing site.

Phishing sites are sites that clone – are made to appear like – the original site in order to harvest/ steal your information, which will then be used on the real site to steal your money.

If you are sure you are in the right place, enter your access account number, your pin, and user number. Now you are in the world of ABSA bank and can do a whole lot, like make transfers, monitor transactions, pay bills, and more.

How And Where To Download ABSA Banking App

Like every serious banking institution out there, ABSA has a mobile app from which you can access your bank account and make transactions.

The ABSA banking app is available for major mobile operating platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, download ABSA Mobile Banking app on the App Store here.

If you are on Windows devices, you can download the ABSA banking app from the Windows Store here.

If you are using android, however, you can download ABSA banking app from Google Play here.

By the way, the app is free to download, but it is of no use until you set it up (activated it).

ABSA Branch & Swift Codes 

If you maintain a business account with ABSA, your customers might need your branch and SWIFT codes to make payments into your accounts.

  • ABSA’s Bank Identifier Code (BIC): ABSAZAJJ
  • Absa’s Branch Code: 632005

ABSA Loans

ABSA offers loan facilities to clients. You can apply for a loan online, through a branch (locate a branch here), or by calling. It’s all detailed below:

Personal Loans

Telephone: 0860 100 372

Email Address:


Telephone: 0860 100 372

Email Address:

For a successful loan application, you will need:

  • Your ID book or card
  • Proof of residence (eg utility bill; not older than 3 months)
  • Last 3 months payslips or bank statements
  • An account with ABSA to which your monthly income is paid.

ABSA Credit Card Types

Whether you are a business person or just a student, ABSA offers credit card facilities to suit your needs.

ABSA offers the Gold Credit Card, the Premium Banking Credit Card, the Private banking Credit Card, the Flexi Core Credit Card, and the Student Credit.

The table below details the requirementS for each card. Apply for whatever is best for you.

Here is the official application page for ABSA credit card.

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