Afrikaans Songs Top 10 (2020)

Imagine Songs as music in the vernacular and with a limited audience. Perhaps so, but Afrikaans Songs has got a devoted following, too, although its follower base may not be as large as those of hip hop and amapiano.

That notwithstanding, there are many songs in the genre and you will have no problem finding something that suits your musical taste. In this post, we are going to bring some top songs in the genre – Top 10 songs (2020) so to speak.

Of course, as you probably already know, opinion is subjective and the songs that appear here might not be what you have in mind or what you would have on a list were you to be asked to make one. Anyway, join us as we take a leap into the world of top songs.

The songs appear in no particular order. If you find a song released earlier than 2020, know that it is a work of great musical energy and retains its appeal long after it was released. So, no qualms. Now come along.

  1. Tarryn Lamb – Mal Oor Jou

  1. Steve Hofmeyr – Redgebed

  1. Elizma Theron – Marilyn Monroe

  1. Bok Van Blerk – Afrikanerhart

  1. Brendan Peyper – Lekkerder op my Trekker

  1. Die Heuwels Fantasties – Ons Moet Leef Ft. Ampie

  1. Elvis Blue – Gee My Net ‘n Vriend

  1. Ek was hier – Jak de Priester

  1. Julanie J – Gegrond

  1. Eindstryd – Vandag

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