Amarhumsha Songs Top 10 (2020)

Amarhumsha's top 10 songs from 2019-2020

Taking a look at one of the hottest Hip-hop crew in South Africa, Amarhumsha , the groupwho  since their  debut have taken the Hip-hop scene by storm, this is due to their uniqueness, which every music lovers have come to relate with and love. They are know for their hit releases such as “Hero to Zero”, “Ifamily Yezi Coshi”,”Mighty Am Sorry” and Lintshaba Zam. They had a very promising year in 2019, this year promises to bring new songs, both collaborations and single hits for the crew. Their recently released project “Spaza Shop” is still receiving major buzz all over Mzansi, taking over the club scene and party scenes.

The following are top 10 songs from the crew Amarhumsha’s  discography released from 2018-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

1.Hero to Zero

2. Sapha Ispaji

3. Mighty Am sorry

4. Ifamily Yezi Coshi Featuring Mr Lol

5. Lintshaba Zam

6. Ekusen

7. Wallpaper

8. Amagintsa

9. aGabhadin

10. Untouchable

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