Android TV Box And It’s Use?

We are confident you’ve heard so much about Android TV Boxes. But what’s the use of hearing about something and not knowing what it is all about? That’s why we’re here; to let you in on what it’s all about. You might decide to get one for yourself after reading this article.


Yes, they are pretty popular. But not everyone uses them. Android TV Boxes have been described as great cord-cutters used by people who want to improve their TV’s smart capabilities. People who travel a lot also find them efficient, etc. Now, here’s what they’re all about;

It is a set-up box which you can plug into your TV. Once plugged in, you can use the box to watch on-demand shows, network TV shows, and even video sites. There are various types of Android TV Boxes (although they’re not only called android TV Boxes), but they can all run the Android TV operating system (this is the version of the Android Operating system designed to run on television).

The Android TV operating system has been in circulation since 2014. Before then, TV was pretty popular. However, Android TV has replaced it since 2014. Many manufacturers have altered the Android TV OS to serve their own purpose, similar to the mobile version. New versions are regularly released, making different versions of Android TV always be in circulation. If you were wondering how smart TVs work, Android TV OS has also been built into televisions. This helps power the smart capabilities of the TV.

According to an article on MakeUseOf, “Android TV OS is the most common backend for Kodi boxes.” This is a set-up box that boots directly into the Kodi app.

Use The Android TV Box

The Android TV Box interface slightly resembles that of the smartphone. Apps are displayed on scrollable ribbons across the screen. Most boxes allow you to set up your favorite apps to make them easier to access. Suggested content from your apps is also displayed somewhere on the screen. And no, Android TV does not support widgets. You can access the Play Store. However, not many Android TV apps are available there. It is left to app developers to make their apps TV compatible to be listed in the TV version of the app store.

There is also the option of sideloading apps. To do this, grab the APK file of the app you want to run on your Android TV Box and install it there. However, apps loaded that way might not be compatible with your remote. There’s a way around this. You can use the android TV remote app for your smartphone (this enables you to use your finger as a cursor). You can watch videos and play music and game apps on the Android TV Box.

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