Application Portal, Status, Contact and 24 NSFAS Questions Answered

Here are answers to 24 National Student Financial Aid Scheme questions.

1. How can I contact NSFAS?

You can do this through their website, phone, etc.


Postal Address: Private Bag X1, Plumstead, 7801

Street Address: The Halyard, 4 Christiaan Barnard St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 080 006 7327

2. Are NSFAS applications open for 2023?

Yes, applications are now officially open for 2023.

3. How to create an NSFAS account?

  1. Log onto the website.
  2. Click on ‘register.’
  3. Fill up the required fields (ID number, cellphone number, and email address)
  4. Upload the required supporting documents and click on ‘submit.’

4. How can I check my NSFAS status?

  1. Log in to the application on the NSFAS online platform here.
  2. Key in your username and password, and click SIGN IN.
  3. Search for Track Funding Progress and click.

5. Can NSFAS fund you twice?

A student can only be funded for one qualification at one institution at any one time. According to the Careers Portal, NSFAS “announced that students who already studied at a university or obtained a prior university qualification do not qualify for funding. NSFAS funding has been reserved for first-time students entering the first year of a new programme.”

6. Can NSFAS fund you for 6 years?

NSFAS will only support a student for a maximum of five years (If they qualify according to the means test) based on the funding availability each year.

7. Can NSFAS reject you?

Yes. Some applicants can be rejected because NSFAS accepts thousands of applicants.

8. Can NSFAS fund you from tvet to university?

NSFAS funds students attending or planning to attend one of the 50 public TVET Colleges or 26 public Universities in the country. They will not cover studies at any other higher education institutions.

9. Can NSFAS blacklist you?

Yes. Many factors can make NSFAS remove a student from their list.

10. Can NSFAS fund me if I failed?

Yes. NSFAS funds students depending on the duration of their course or degree in the University.

11. Can NSFAS fund me without matric?

You would not be eligible for NSFAS university funding if you did not pass matric.

12. Can NSFAS voucher be reversed?

Yes. Visit the website, and click on the voucher. A “reverse” option will appear. Click on it, and the funds in the voucher will be reversed to your cash balance.

13. Did NSFAS increase 2023 allowance?

Yes. An inflation-linked increase of 5% on allowances was announced. It has been effected for universities and TVET colleges on student allowances.

14. Do NSFAS documents need to be certified?

No. They do not.

15. Do NSFAS fund short courses at Unisa?

No. NSFAS does not fund short courses.

16. Do NSFAS fund nursing?

You may not get NSFAS financing since the nursing colleges are mostly private institutions. But you can ask the college about any potential financial aid instead.

17. Do NSFAS fund PGCE?

No, Postgraduate diplomas, Honours degrees, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees are not funded by NSFAS.

18. Do NSFAS fund teaching?

Teaching and Education courses are both funded by NSFAS.

19. Do NSFAS fund colleges?

NSFAS provides funding at 50 TVET colleges and 26 universities.

20. Do NSFAS pay for registration fees?

Yes. Registration fees are the first payment towards tuition costs. If NSFAS confirms you for funding, you won’t be expected to pay for the upfront registration.

21. Does NSFAS cover registration fees?

Yes. As mentioned above, NSFAS takes care of all registration costs if a student has been confirmed for funding.

22. Does NSFAS fund traffic cop course?

This will likely be a “no.” There is no information about NSFAS funding a traffic cop course.

23. Does NSFAS fund advanced diplomas?

NSFAS does not fund any Postgraduate diplomas, Honours degrees, Master’s degrees, and Ph.D. degrees.

24. Does NSFAS fund postgraduate?

NSFAS does not fund any Postgraduate diplomas, Honours degrees, Master’s degrees, and Ph.D. degrees.

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