Architectural Digest Take Us Inside Debby Ryan & Josh Dun’s Ohio Home

A Tour of Josh and Debbie's Unique Home in Columbus, Ohio

The quirky and fascinating home of Josh and Debbie in Columbus, Ohio. This provides a glimpse into their personal space, which is filled with peculiar objects, hidden gems, and heartwarming stories. Enjoy the journey as Architectural Digest explore their home and learn about the couple’s unique design taste, love for art, and creative approach to life.

Main Sections:

  1. The Living Spaces:

    • The house features a Disney-themed wedding sign, a joke from Jen, and American-themed dog accessories
    • The couple enjoys exploring surrealism, with a particular fondness for objects that resemble other things
    • The home is decorated with a blend of vintage finds and modern pieces, creating a sense of balance and cohesion
  2. The Art Collection:

    • Josh and Debbie’s home showcases a variety of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and even a commissioned bust of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    • Art from their travels, such as a fan-painted painting from a European tour, adds a personal touch to the space
  3. The Entertainment Areas:

    • The house boasts a designated area for board games, a music studio, and a home theater for watching pre-release movies
    • The couple has created a cozy and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company
  4. The Fitness and Relaxation Spaces:

    • Josh and Debbie’s home includes a gym, boxing ring, sauna, and a chilly plunge pool, providing a variety of options for both exercise and relaxation
    • The couple values having a space to unwind and connect with one another at the beginning and end of each day
  5. The Personal Touches:

    • The home is filled with mementos from their lives, including Josh’s childhood piano, their wedding gifts, and a photograph from their trip to Paris
    • The couple’s environmentally-conscious approach is evident in their efforts to reduce plastic waste by using a filtered water dispenser.

Josh and Debbie’s Columbus home represents their unique tastes, shared interests, and strong bond. Filled with art, memories, and a focus on togetherness, their home reflects their love and passion for life.

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