Best 10 A-Reece Songs You Should Hear

Fondly called The boy Doing things, A-Reece is apparently still doing things in the world of South African music. Since he popped on the music scene, he has released several winning numbers, leaving no one in doubt he is no manqué rapper.

From Ambitiouz Entertainment to the mixed orbit of indie artistry, A-Reece has managed to hold the attention of the listening public with his music. The songster has chosen his own path and pace, most times ignoring calls to link up with other artistes for joint projects.

He appeared especially conscious of the rivalry and envy in the industry and one commented on how peeps tend to ignore art until the artistes are cold and dead.

Well, from the songster’s splendid oeuvre, we’ve brought you ten (10) of his top songs we think you should hear – in no particular order.

1. Everybody Hates Reece

“Everybody Hates Reece” is the South African rapper’s 2019 debut. Produced by MashBeatz, the rapper’s go-to producer, the song, which samples the Canadian rapper Drake, treats familiar topics, including rap feud and the hate The Boy Doing Things faces because he chooses to go his way on. Two years after rrelease, the song is still potent.

2. Fuck You

In “Fuck You,” A-Reece navigates the bend of failed relationships. In the song, which comes with an official music video, the songster failed to clue the listener of who the lady is. But then, it’s something anyone can relate with.

A-reece - F*** You (Dir. by @moralebruh)

3. Better Luck Next Time

A-Reece’s “Better Luck Next Time” tune was released in the hey days of The Wrecking Crew  (TWC) in collaboration with crew members Ecco and Wordz. Produced by A-Reece himself, the song amplifies the power of TWC.

4. Gone Are The Days

Released in 2018, “Gone Are The Days” is a song in which A-Reece took a reflective turn regarding some of his crushes. Back then, he would write them lyrics as a sign of his affection and devotion. Well, now, “Gone Are The Days.”

5. Kim Kardashian

This A-Reece-produced song popped online in 2018. It is the immediate follow-up to “Amber Rose.” Around the period the song was released, A-Reece appeared to be experimenting with the names of celebrated figures in American pop.

Wordz x A-Reece x Ex Global - Kim Kardashian (Official Music Video)

6. Rio Ft. Flame

“Rio” is another fine number from the songster. It is one of his early songs. But then, as should be obvious from listening to it, the song is still a charmer and something to vibe with.

7. Meanwhile in Honeydew

Another older release from A-Reece that is still potent today, “Meanwhile in Honeydew,” produced by MashBeatz, is part of A-Reece’s EP “Gwan Big Up Yourself.” The song comes with a music video.

A-Reece - Meanwhile In Honeydew (Official Music Video)

8. Feelings

Released in early 2017, “Feelings” is a song with robust love notes and something you wanna share with that one for whom your heart beats. It comes with a music video that is a pleasure to watch. The video was A-Reece’s first following his exit from Ambitiouz Entertainment. It featured Flvme.

A-REECE | Feelings ft. Flame (Official Music Video)

9. Paradise

“Paradise” is the eponymous track of A-Reece’s debut album, released when he was signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment. It was released back in 2016 but is still potent today. It’s a song every celeb can relate with. It comes with a music video you should check out.

A-Reece - Paradise (Official Music Video)

10. Residual Self-Image Ft. Ayanda Jiya

“Residual Self-Image,” a collaborative work with Ayanda Jiya, is a track in which A-Reece acknowledged a radical shift in perspective. Now he is focusing on what truly counts. It’s a song you should hear.

What do you think of the ten songs song your list? Would you have adopted them all or created your own list? You may share your opinion in the comments below.

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