Best 10 South African Birthday Songs

There are songs and there are songs. Some of them are created to address specific occasions. Whether they end up doing that very well is a different question entirely. What we can assure you is that there are songs for different occasions, from births to birthdays to deaths.

And yes, this variety is not exclusive to one country.  Musicians from different countries around the world have got to address specific occasions. In this case, though, we are focusing on South Africa. Often called the Rainbow Nation because of the colour of its flag, South Africa has several songs meant to celebrate birthdays.

As in almost any situation where there is an abundance, some will stand out above the rest. Well, in this article, we will be focusing on what we consider the best South African birthday songs out there. While we do not expect y’all to nod to every song on our list, we are confident you will love our list anyway.

The list of the best 10 South African birthday songs is given in no particular order. In other words, a song popping at no. 1 on the list in no way means it is the best of the lot, and vice versa. All right, let’s roll!

1. Samthing Soweto – Happy Birthday

2019 was a pretty important year in the life of South African singer Samthing Soweto, He released a couple of numbers, including “Happy Birthday,” which his compatriots consider a top birthday song. And indeed, one cannot fault the verdict, as the song brings alive a birthday experience.

It is one number you can listen to on a birthday over and over without boredom intruding. It stands out as one of the top birthday songs in South Africa’s music orbit, and we are sure you will love every minute of vibing to it below.

2. Djy Leroy SA – My Birthday Song

Many people attach great importance to birthdays and most go out of their way to show this, from creating songs for themselves to splurging on entertainment for themselves and others to celebrate the milestone. One known musician who attaches great importance to birthdays is Djy Leroy SA.

Birthdays are important enough for the music to drop “My Birthday Song,” a charming number that will inspire you to want to celebrate with him and to look forward to your own birthday as well. It may have been released years ago, but the number retains its potency, as you can see below.

3. Mawat – Amapiano Birthday Song

Amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa, so it should never come as a surprise that a musician should release a birthday song in the genre. Interestingly enough, the said number has charmed many music lovers across South Africa, keeping the tune alive in their consciousness.

“Amapiano Birthday Song” is another old release that has not lost its potency as music and as a birthday banger. And seeing as not many musicians are focused on dropping birthday numbers, it might hold its position for a long time.

4. Liista – Happy Birthday

The name Liista might not resonate with many people out there, but the South African musician has put together a birthday song worth the listening time. Aptly titled “Happy Birthday,” this birthday banger was released back in 2021, exactly two years ago/.

The years may have passed but nothing much has changed. The song retains its appeal and and remains a pleasure to the ears, meaning, people are still enjoying it to this day. Not bad.

5. Die Campbells – Spur Happy Birthday Song

The Campbell brothers comprise Harry and Tony, Both were born and raised in South Africa and released several festive jams in their heydays. Among their notable numbers was a birthday banger dubbed “Spur Happy Birthday Song.”

It may have been released in 2017. But this jam has not lost its potency. It should easily make the tracklist of anyone celebrating a birthday. It should be your pleasure, then, to check it out.

6. Big Xhosa – Happy Birthday Skit Ft. Samthing Soweto

Many call him the enfant terrible of South African rap. Anyway, Big Xhosa might not be as big as his adopted stage name suggests, but he did treat fans to an invigorating birthday tune made in the form of a skit, and it has Samthing Soweto as the sole guest.

The two did well as a team. The result is the smile-worthy beauty you are about to embrace.

7. Major League DJz & Abidoza – Le Plane E’Landile Ft. Cassper Nyovest, Kammu Dee & Ma Lemon

“Le Plane E’Landile” might not strike many as a birthday song in the sense that it was not exactly originally created to celebrate a birthday. But Cassper Nyovest’s comedic side made the number a birthday tune of sorts.

The number was a hit on release and Cassper Nyovest insisted it was a birthday gift to the Twins (Major League DJz, comprising Bandile and Banele).

8. Burna Boy – Birthday Ft. AKA, Kid X & Da Les

Here is another oldie offering that has managed to retain its potency through the years. It has a Nigerian as the lead artiste. But with three South Africans as guests, we see no reason not to add it to our list. A key point to note is that AKA and Burna Boy soon fell out over the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

9. KFC 50th Birthday Song – Masonwabe by Zakes Bantwini ft. Mafikizolo & KFC SA

Dropping a happy birthday song for a brand might strike some people as unusual, but Zakles Bantwini did just that in collaboration with some of his associates, including Mafikizolo. The result is a number that brings to mind the conquests of this American fast food brand since it was established decades ago by Colonel Sanders.

The song was released a year ago and celebrates the birthday of the fast-food giant. The song itself is food for those who are hungry for good music.

10. Dr Malinga – Happy Birthday to My Wife

This might not strike many as a birthday song per se. But it is something anyway – an emotionally moving tribute that will oil the wheels of any relationship and make the person being celebrated look forward to more years with those celebrating them.

It was not formally released as a song but dropped as a Facebook video, which you can check out below.

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