Best 10 Trevor Dongo Songs

Trevor Dongo is a Zimbabwean singer and songwriter who has managed to weave the language of existence with his songs. The songster has released several charming numbers since he popped on the music scene in the southern African country.

Picking from his oeuvre might not be an easy task. At any rate, we bring 10 of his best songs so far – songs we think will resonate with the most audiences. Ultimately, as you well know, the idea of best is subjective.

We’re yet confident that you will like the song we have compiled in the Zimbabwean’s best list. By the way, the songs are given in no particular order. The list covers not only songs the songster has released solo but those in which he featured other artistes or was featured by them.

In all, if you please, you have 10 tracks that are energizing on many levels and that will excite many out there, whether or not they fancy the genre of expression.

What do you think of the songs on our list? Would you have adopted them all, or you would have created another list entirely? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

  1. Ndashamisika

2. Mufudzi Wemombe Ft. Feli Nandi

3. Zvatichazova Ft. JXB XKLSV

4. Neni

5. African Girl Ft. Souljah Love & Shayman Shaizo

6. Little Secret By Nkathe Ft. Trevor Dongo

7. Shoko Rerudo

8. Nerunako

9. D Jehovah Ft. Dhadza

10. Short Of Words (Msahoko Apeara)

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