Best Nasty C Songs Ever – SMA * God Flow * Jungle * Gravy * Bad Hair

Nasty C's best songs ever - SMA * God Flow * Jungle * Gravy * Bad Hair

Here are five of Nasty C’s best songs ever including SMA, God Flow, Jungle, Gravy and Bad Hair.

Mzansi rapper, Nasty C is one Zulu Man With Some Power. The power to make great music at least. He’s had great practice dropping good music for his fans to enjoy over the course of his amazing career. Here are five of his best songs ever.

  • SMA

Practically everyone in Mzansi became a fan of this song when it dropped. A collaboration with singer, Rowlene, Nasty hit the top of the charts with this one and we have yet to recover from it.

  •  God Flow

This song was and is pure Hip-hop. On it, the talented emcee rode with fellow hard hitter, CrownedYung. Together, both acts delivered an undeniably flow-crazy stunner.

  •  Jungle

Before the “Strings And Bling” dropped, Nasty blessed his fans with one of his fiercest singles to date, this. There’s no denying that this is one of his hardest-hitting songs ever.

  • Gravy

Nasty’s “String And Bling” album came with a lot of gravy but this one stood out. Till date, we haven’t gotten enough of it, no matter how much we play it. It is one of those songs that never loose taste.

  • Bad Hair

Back in 2016, the talented muso delivered the “Bad Hair” album with this as its title track. It practically stood out on the album, and his fans loved all that it was about.


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