Best New 2022 Amapiano Albums & EPs

You may want to think of it as the genre from nowhere, and that’s true in the sense that, to most people, amapiano music appeared to have popped out of nothingness. And in the intervening years since, it has emerged as the in-thing in South Africa.

Now amapiano appears unstoppable, snatching musicians of other genres with ease. From house to gqom to hip hop, musos are stepping into amapiano waters. Not surprisingly. There are many compilations in the genre out there. And many more are dropping.

2022 is more-than-half gone, and many albums and Eps have been released in the piano genre. In this article, we bring you the best new 2022 amapiano albums and EPs.

Of course, the idea of best is subjective. Still, we bring you some of the projects we think are topnotch and merit a place on the list, which is in no particular order.

  1. Kabza De Small – KOA II Album

Kabza De Small is often called the king of amapiano music in South Africa. This is because he was one of those who started playing and creating piano music in South Africa before it became popular.

His KOA II Album stands for “King Of Amapiano.” It was the second instalment of a project through which he affirmed his kingship in the genre in South Africa. The album was in two parts, both of which are pleasures to the ears.

  1. Da Muziqal Chef & Murumba Pitch – Obrigado EP

Da Muziqal Chef and Murumba Pitch are two fine voices in South Africa’s amapiano universe. And they showed just how good they are with their joint project, “Obrigado” EP. This seven-track project features some key voices in the game, including Sino Msolo, Kabza De Small, Sam Deep and De Mthuda.

Most of the songs on the project are stuff you would love to rock at a party – or just to have a good time, whether in a company or not.

  1. Mellow & Sleazy – Barcadi Fest EP

Mellow & Sleazy is a band of two friends. They may not be oldies in the piano trenches of South Africa, but they sure know how to entertain. This much should be obvious from their album listed here.

“Barcadi Fest” EP has a party vibe to it. And you just want to break into a party listening to it. Released in July, the project has nine tracks and features some known names, including Da Muqizal Chef, TNK MusiQ and BoontleRSA.

  1. Felo Le Tee – Contagious EP

Released in May this year, Felo Le Tee’s “Contagious” EP is actually deserving of the name because it infects you – not with some virus, of course, but with liberating musical energy.

Songs come and go, and so do people. But we doubt “Contagious” is one project that would be forgotten in a hurry. The project bears just six tracks but enough charms to make any lover of good music return to it again and again.

Focalistic, Vyno Miller, Uncle Waffles, DBN Gogo, and Toss are among those who made the cut.

  1. Kabza De Small – Ziwangale – EP

If you’re surprised with Kabza De Small making the list again with another project, you shouldn’t be. The songster is one of the leading voices in the game and has earned his stripes.

“Ziwangale” falls into one of the shorter projects from the songster, with just four tracks. Still, it was loaded and had some notable voices as guests, including DJ Tira, Young Stunna, Dladla Mshunqisi, Felo Le Tee, Beast, Nkosazana Daughter, Da Muziqal Chef and Murumba Pitch.

In the coming months, we expect more amapiano projects to be released. Of course. For now, though, there are some winners you should be chuffed to check out.

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