Best 10 Amapiano Songs & Mix – June 2020

Amapiano music is in-thing in South Africa right now, a genre that has caught the attention of not just the new generation of singers but the older generation as well. Such is the appeal of the genre that established acts in genres like gqom and hip hop are pouring into the amapiano field.

Some artistes are puzzled this should be happening in the first place, believing amapiano to be only a passing fad that will soon be forgotten and genre’s satraps forced to return to other genres.

How true this apparently morbid verdict is should be known soon enough. But we strongly doubt amapiano as a genre will become neglected and forgotten anytime soon. With the public so completely into the genre, it’s hard to see the genre’s demise soon.

Amapiano remains a vibrant field, keeping the Rainbow Nation entertained. Week in, week out, songs in the genre are shared across cyberspace, bringing the dreamy effusion of piano to those desirous of a good time. The past couple of months have been particularly vibrant for the genre.

In this article, we are going to bring you some of the best South African amapiano songs of June 2020. Some of the songs may have been released earlier, but you can be sure they are no embarrassment to quality.

By the way, it is inevitable a work like this will also include mixes. The key here is the impact the work has made.

1. Romeo Makota – Amapiano Mix 09 June 2020

Romeo Makota is one exciting voice in the universe of amapiano in South Africa. This musician, who combines the roles producer and disc jockey equally well, is one of the most prolific in the genre.

His mixtapes series incorporates his works and those by other artistes. His works stand out for their quality and piano appeal.

His amapiano mix of 9 June 2020 is a sumptuous medley that will cater to the musical cravings of just about anyone out there. We find it incredibly delightful and are confident you’ll love it, too. What stops you from starting a listening session right away?


2. Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa – Buyile Ft. Dali Wonga

This list will be incomplete without including this work by these artistes who have become inseparable. Initially Kabza De Small was on his own, rocking the amapiano world with his numbers.

Then the gqom champ DJ Maphorisa had joined him, creating one of the most formidable teams in South African music.

Now recognized as prolific partners, the two artistes entertain the Rainbow Nation with hit song after hot song. One thing many have noticed is that DJ Maphorisa seems to have abandoned the gqom plains for amapiano.

Are the fans complaining? Not really. Amapiano is the in-thing now, and the song “Buyile” is an amapiano winner you just cannot ignore.

3. Bizizi – Hello Summer (Amapiano 2020) Ft. Kaygee

“Hello Summer (Amapiano 2020)” is a song that will appeal to lovers of amapiano music and lovers of other genres too. This summer jam brightens the mood instantly.

Kaygee (really Kaybee DaKing) and  Bizizi are serial collaborators who have been thrilling South Africa with their cosmic gifts. It’s hard not to love these two artistes when they sing. Although some might say they are new on the scene, they can really hold their own.

The song “Hello Summer (Amapiano 2020)” should give you an idea of their artistic range.

4. Major League – Amapiano Live Balcony Mix 17.

Major League, a South African group made up of the twin brothers Bandile and Banele, earned its stripes in the world of South African hip hop and then veered into the amapiano orbit.

Initially they were criticized for allegedly copying the works of amapiano king Kabza De Small. But they persevered, treating the Rainbow Nation to one scorching mix after the other.

Their latest mix is a treat to the ears and deserves to be on this list. You should check it out.

5. Gaba Cannal & Rafiki – Moya Ft. Mngoma Omuhle.

Here, if you please, is another  amapiano treat you will love as well. “Moya” is a fine number and a ready favourite in this list. This illuminati g track should appeal to a large audience.

Gaba Cannal is a fine figure in the world of amapiano, the same champ who had wooed us with his “Amapiano Legacy” EP. Well, it appears the wooing continues with his latest collaborative tune.

6. Real Nox – Freedom Fighter (Amapiano)

It’s real war in the orbit of Real Nox as he unleashes a new tune titled “Freedom Fighter (Amapiano).” This sumptuous amapiano tune is timely and desirable, coming at the time of racial upheaval. We love it.

A producer of many talents, Real  Nox is equally muscled in the universe of electronic music. He is a regular collaborator with DJ Ace.


7. Romeo Makota – Kiss The Rain (Amapiano Version) Ft. Soki Saka

Are you surprised another song by Romeo Makota made the list? Well, you need not be. The DJ and producer has earned his stripes. His works are really good.

Wouldn’t you rather “Kiss the Rain” right now – as in surrender to the liberating waters of this song?

8. Tizzo Jr – Celebrate (Soulful Amapiano)

This song’s soulful vibe gives you all the warmth you would ever need in your hour of uncertainty. The tone is celebratory, the message universal. You should check it out.


9. Q Twins – Hamba (Kovert & Wicci Amapiano Remix)

The irrepressible duo of Kovert and Wicci bring us a sterling amapiano mix of Q Twins’ hit single with Afrotainment boss DJ Tira, titled “Hamba.” Like the original track, this amapiano tune is one to retain on your playlist.

10. Major CPT – Shebbet (Amapiano)

If you loved the songs mentioned earlier, you would certainly love this lavish amapiano tune from Major CPT. It is engaging on every level, a surefire companion for a good time. You can’t go wrong with this tune. Not really.

Are there numbers we left out? Are there numbers you think ought to be on this list? You may want to let us know in the comment section below. And, share!

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