Brenda Fassie Songs Top 10

Brenda Fassie Songs Top 10

At the height of her powers, she was recognized as one of South Africa’s most vibrant voices. But her music career ended when she suffered a heart attack and died soon after on 9 May 2004. She was aged 39.

Over a decade has elapsed since her passing but the songstress, who has a musician son called Bongani Fassie, lives fresh in the hearts of lovers of South African afropop music. And yes, most of her songs, although decades old, can still detain attention today.

Putting together some of her top songs is not exactly an easy task, as she had many fine numbers before her passing. At any rate, we bring you some of the songs that have kept her memory bright and will probably keep it bright in the intervening years.

We are sure you are going to love them, these top 10 songs from the late afropop queen, given here in no particular order.

We invite you to check them out and, if you please, create your own list, or list songs you think ought to be on our list. Your time starts now. LOL.

1. Vuli Ndlela

  1. Nomakanjani

  1. Wedding Day

  1. Ngiyakusaba

  1. Higher and Higher

  1. Promises

  1. Thola Amadlozi

  1. Touch Somebody

  1. Mama

  1. Umutu Gabantu