Busta 929 “Undisputed EP” Review

Read our of Busta 929’s newest EP “Undisputed”.

Popular DJ and producer, Busta 929 is undisputedly one of the most sort after DJs on the scene right now. He claimed the airwaves with hits last year, and continued his streak of dominance this year. He recently blessed fans with his latest EP, “Undisputed” and it’s a straight up jam.

The new “EP” features a total of 6 tracks with contributions from Mgiftoz SA, Boohle, Zuma, Focalistic, Reece Madlisa, Miano, and 20ty Soundz. The EP starts off the first track “Vandam” featuring vocals from Mgiftoz SA. It features a laid back dance tune which slowly expands into a bouncy beat that remains consistent until the song fades. There are repeated lyrics, and Mgiftoz SA’s vocals remain consistent on the song’s simple but impressive instrumentals.

The next track “Sdudla No Slenda” sort of resembles the first track and also features vocal contributions from Mgiftoz SA. It sounds a bit like both tracks were created on the same day. This tracks however embraces a more Piano sounding beat than the bouncy beat of the previous one. Boohle and Zuma lend a hand on “Ekseni”. This too features a laid back vibe, and the vocals practically rest on the song’s exciting instrumentals.

The man of the year, Focalistic takes charge in “S’pharaphara”, a song that makes you want to dance the minute it starts to play. It takes a minute to set, like all Focalistic songs, and then it rises straight to the peak. “Sgodo” is next, and Mgiftoz SA, Reece Madlisa & Zuma join forces to bring it home. The chill instrumentals continues even on this track, and the vibe remains consistent. “Paradise” closes out the project with Miano & contributing. The “Undisputed EP” is a dance project, but not the hardcore type. Its thrives on laid back instrumentals, bouncy & creative beats, and piano elements.

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