Carte Blanche Meaning, Website, Contact Details & Presenters

Years ago, the idea of TV series never really existed, but when it popped out, it was a hit with many people and went mainstream in no time. Now the world throbs with many TV series. One of them goes by the name Carte Blanche.

What exactly does Carte Blanche stand for? What is the meaning? What are its website, presenters and contact details? These are questions that this post attempts to answer. So you are welcome to tag along as we try to answer them.

Carte Blanche Meaning

Carte Blache is a French phrase which might be translated into English as a “blank cheque.” Imagine it as giving some liberties to do as they please or wish. Of course, the series does not exactly give you those liberties. You only get to enjoy gripping suspense and investigative journalism series that clue you in on some aspects of life and even prepare you for what lies ahead of you on this plane

Tracing the History of Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche has not just popped out. It has been around for decades. It officially came to life on 26 August 1988. In that period, it has grown in appeal, got new presenters and got many hooked. Carte Blanche, a South African investigative journalism series, officially began broadcasting in 1988, with Derek Watts and Ruda Landman as anchors.

Some anchors have left and others took over in the series’ chequered history, which also covered two spin-offs.


It is the age of the internet where a company without a website is generally seen as unserious. Well, Cart Blanche the series is pretty serious and has a website to its name, which it happily flaunts on its official Twitter page.

On Twitter, the series gives its website as Carte However, clicking the link redirects to a different site with links to the series: DStv:

Inputting Carte into a browser leads nowhere. Even with a fast internet service, the site does not open. The following error pops up each time: “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”

Contact Details

The series gave no formal means by which it might be reached. As stated earlier. The web address it gave as its website leads nowhere. The one on Twitter redirects elsewhere. It, however, has an active Twitter account (, where it might be reached via a dm or a mention.

The series can also be reached on Facebook (, YouTube (, Instagram ( and TikTok (


Carte Blanche has evolved remarkably since it premiered decades ago. Several presenters have handled the series, bringing something of themselves to the show and adding a new flavour to it. Among those who have presented Carte Blanche so far include

  • Derek Watts (1988–)

He is an early bird of sorts and that is in the sense that he was there when the series started and is most often associated with it.

  • Devi Sankaree Govender (2002–2020)

He joined the series much later but spent over a decade – enough time to create an impression in the heart of viewers and develop a loyal fan base as well.

  • Claire Mawisa (2015–)

She is another latter bird, but that in no way takes anything from the quality of her presenting.

  • Macfarlane Moleli (2018–)

Moleli started presenting back in 2018 and made quite an impression among viewers.

  • John Webb (2004–)

He made his debut in 2004, which was still the early years of the series, and he’s made a mark already.

  • Bongani Bingwa (2007–2018)

Bongani made quite an impression even though he spent just a little over a decade on the show.

  • Ruda Landman (1988–2007)

Another bloke who started from the inception of the series. Bongani (above) took over from him.

  • Bonita Nuttall (2007–2015)

Coming in in 2007, she might also pass for an early bird of sorts, although no longer a presenter.

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