Cassper Nyovest Vs AKA Boxing Match, Who Really Has A Chance To Win

Between Cassper Nyovest and AKA, who do you think has a better chance to win their upcoming boxing match?

How did we get here?”

Browsing through Twitter searching for reactions to the proposed fight between SA Hip Hop’s biggest rivals, Cassper Nyovest and AKA, that question caught our eyes. Well, we are here already so it doesn’t really matter what led up to this moment.

However, it matters to some. No matter how entertaining rap feuds are to the public, it also affects a whole lot of people. We all know that Cass and Supa Mega’s beef has lingered for over 4 years and has severed a lot of relationships on the SA Hip Hop scene, and also in the music industry.

A lot of Mzansi stars, from DJs, to artists and also producers have confessed that they had to pick sides when the feud began. That clearly created a divided industry. Cassper’s former bestie, Riky Rick who he allegedly talks about in the song “To Whom It May Concern” has also revealed that the feud is exhausting for the SA music industry. We kind of find it funny that he said it four years later, when the rapper’s parents were dragged into the feud. Of course, Mufasa did too.

We all knew the battle line had been drawn when AKA unleashed those insults on Mufasa’s parents that fateful Thursday Morning in March. Apparently, he was baiting the “Amademoni” rapper into accepting to sign up for the rumoured boxing match. He was game already and only needed Cass to sign up. He tweeted “Tag short pan. Let him know his management don’t care about him letting him do this fight.”

Well, it worked because the rapper appeared in an interview with DJ Speedsta on MetroFM where he clearly stated “We need to meet in the ring. That’s all I want. It’s too late for apologies,“. Well, job well done Supa Mega, you really did smoke the rabbit out. So, that’s basically how we got here. We let a Hip Hop feud stick around for years, and it blew up in all our faces.

You may wonder why two grown men would want to risk everything to get in a ring just to prove who’s superior to the other. Of course, there’s an incentive. Cassper also revealed in his interview with Speedsta that they both stand to make from R5million to R8million each in one night. This might as well be the biggest boxing match of all time. Two of SA Hip Hop’s biggest acts, slugging it out in a ring for a couple of millions. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Of course we would.

Now, here’s the big question,

Who Really Has A Better Chance To Win“.

Of course that’s the biggest question on everyone’s mind and lips. The fans have already chosen their winners. Mufasa’s fans are rooting for him, and Supa Mega’s fans are firmly behind him. We also seem to be seeing just one of them talking about getting in shape for the fight. Who? AKA, of course.

The “Energy” rapper has been spending a lot of time training. Of course, that is needed to win. He once revealed that it’s mostly about how you move your feet than any thing else. We are certainly taking notes.

A large percentage believe that Cass is taking the win. In their opinion, he is way more athletic, and has the build of a rock. Haha. Yebo. That’s true. But we shouldn’t be judging based on looks. Hopefully, he’s training just as much as he tweets about baby Simba.

It is obvious that both men are fit for the match which is happening soon. Although it is no longer happening this month, it is going down soon. Even Cass has hinted at it. Let us know who your money is on. You might win big.

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