Dlala Thukzin “Permanent Music 3” EP Review

Here is our extensive review of Dlala Thukzin’s latest project, “Permanent Music 3” EP.

When it comes to versatility and professionalism, Dlala Thukzin has earned a reputation for distinguishing himself from the rest. The famous hitmaker has been around for some time and has mastered the art of making good projects and gaining fans’ attention with his hits.

He has returned to the scene with yet another project that will undoubtedly make an impression on the scene. We all know him as the “Permanent Music” man. In 2020, he released the first installment of the “Permanent Music” EP. The project housed six tracks and featured contributions from Kususa, Goldmax, DJ Tira, and more. It also celebrated Gqom in the best ways.

The famous hitmaker returned in 2021 with the second installment of the project. The EP housed six tracks again, but it did not focus on Gqom music. It featured contributions from Zaba, Nkosazana Daughter, Sir Trill, Sykes, and Bhar. Of course, it was well-received by the fans.

Dlala Thukzin has since dropped other projects, including the “Summer Banger” EP with Funky QLA, the “Finally Famous” album, and, of course, the “Dlala Thukzin Remix Package.” The album housed 13 tracks and featured several hitmakers. He’s back with the new “Permanent Music 3” EP, which bangs.

Cover Art

We have never pictured Dlala Thukzin as an artist who is creative with his cover photos. All his project covers are similar and usually feature a bold image of himself with the title in the background. The first two installments of the “Permanent Music” EP feature photos of him with the words “Permanent Music” written boldly in the background.

On the new “Permanent Music 3” EP, he continued the same routine. He is pictured with dark shades as he poses for the camera.

Popular Tracks

Dlala Thukzin has always registered popular tracks from his EPs. This time, it seems the tracks will grow on fans. He did not release any song as the lead single. However, “iPlan” might take the lead as the first single for the project. The song features contributions from Zaba and Sykes, who did a fantastic job.

After the album dropped, it became a fan favorite. Other songs that have earned praise from fans include the EP’s opener, “Imoto,” which also features contributions from Sykes & Zaba, and “Magical Ideas,” featuring the King of Amapiano, Kabza De Small. Both songs seem to be doing mildly well behind “iPlan.”

Tracklist & Features

The first two installments of the “Permanent Music” EP were six tracks long. However, the new “Permanent Music 3” EP is one track shorter. This seems to be a conscious decision by the star, but the EP is still as impressive as his other works. It also features his pal, Funky QLA, who lent a hand in the song “Next Level.”

Sykes and Zaba appeared twice on the EP. They contributed to the songs “Imoto” and “iPlan.” Kabza De Small also graced the EP with a feature contributed to the song “Magical Ideas.” Dlala Thukzin flew solo on the EP’s fourth track.


# Track Name Artist(s) Duration
1 Imoto (feat. Zaba) Dlala Thukzin & Sykes 6:20
2 IPlan (feat. Zaba & Sykes) Dlala Thukzin 6:51
3 Magical Ideas (feat. Kabza De Small) Dlala Thukzin 7:09
4 95 Unleaded Dlala Thukzin 6:38
5 Next Level Dlala Thukzin & Funky Qla 6:06


Since his debut with the first “Permanent Music” EP, Dlala Thukzin has registered himself as a reputable hitmaker. The famous DJ and producer has also shown off his versatility with the music he delivered. He has dropped Gqom songs, House and Amapiano.

With the new “Permanent Music 3” EP, Dlala celebrated House music and Amapiano. He found the best way to merge the two sounds. His collaborators also connected to his vision for the project. The EP’s opener is the perfect track for it. The vocals were on point, and Dlala Thukzin gave fans an EP worth every replay.


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