Don Design & His Relationship With AKA

Here's what we know about AKA and Don Design's relationship.

For a few years now, Mzansi has come to know Don Design as a friend, music video producer, and creative director of AKA’s. The two have also been spotted in places (including events) together. Don Design was present when the rapper spent his final moments, a time that has caused him so much heartache.

The talented DJ has been accused of having a hand in Supa Mega’s assassination. According to Tweeps online, Don Design seemed edgy and suspicious before the rapper was murdered. AKA’s family has slammed the claims and stressed that Don Design has always been like a son to them.

Let’s take you back to the start of their relationship. In 2020, Don Design dropped the joint “Python” featuring AKA and Moozlie. In an interview with Slikour, he spoke about how they first met. According to him, they met when the rapper performed a gig in the Free State. He revealed that AKA had forgotten his kit after the show, and he had to send them back to him.

He revealed that he had a camera at the time and was shooting behind-the-scenes stuff. He also stated that he had just met Yanga Chief at the time. After telling AKA what he did at the time, he realized that he didn’t have anyone who shot behind-the-scenes videos for him, even for his music videos. He said, “and this dude didn’t call me until like six months later. And when he called me, I didn’t even know that it was him.”

Don Design &Amp; His Relationship With Aka 2

AKA asked if he was still ready to do the shoots for him. He agreed. He revealed that the first music video they worked on was “Kontrol” with Elias. It marked their first collaboration with Yanga directing the video. They also started a company together. He stated that while they worked together, he realized his dream to be a creative director. The two have also collaborated on more collaborations, including “Run Jozi” and “All Eyes On Me.” They reportedly shut down the Nelson Mandela bridge to shoot the video.

While working with the “Paradise” star, he started his Monday2Monday brand. He continued to work with on merchandising design after joining him officially as a creative director. A couple of years later, he left creative design to focus on his life-long passion of being a DJ.

Don Design &Amp; His Relationship With Aka 3

Don Design stated that he had to feature AKA and Moozlie on his first joint “Python” because “those were the people I sort of came up with” collaborating with on several other projects. He said, “it only made sense to have them on my debut record.” Indeed, AKA and Don Design’s relationship goes way back, which cannot be ignored.

Despite claims on Twitter, Don Design paid tribute to AKA on his Instagram story. Check it out below.

Don Design &Amp; His Relationship With Aka 4

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