Emtee “iThemba” Song Review

Read out review of Emtee’s newest joint “iThemba”.

After a while waiting for Emtee’s promised album “Logan”, the SA Hip Hop artist finally dropped its first single “iThemba”. Before the song dropped, we didn’t really know what to expect, but it seems to be the summary of his life from last year into this new year.

The Hustla was always in the news for a couple of reasons including his fight with his former home label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, his marital problems and much more. In “iThemba”, he presents a motivational front using his story as the foundation of the song’s lyrics.

He starts off the song’s hook singing the words “don’t throw in the towel / don’t give up up now / raise your chin up now” and so on. He sums it up by saying that’s what he already told himself. The song starts off with a chill, laidback vibe which continues until it ends. The beat is sure and slow tempo-ed but remains consistent all through the song.

In the song, it feels like puts on the persona of an RnB singer who is also amazing at Hip Hop. The song sounds more Foreign than local. It is the kind of music in you hear on International radio. The verses see him talk about all that he’s been through without actually calling any specific person out.

He talks about “people” throwing dirt on his name, which is sort of what he always complains about. He goes on to reveal how much he isn’t affected by all that. He says “I can never be tamed“, proving how much he wont surrender to the hate around him.

“iThemba” is the perfect Hip Hop joint for reflecting on one’s pain. proves yet again that he makes hits as easily as he drops bars. Shout out to the king.

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