Everything You Need to Know About Minnie Dlamini’s Comedy Roast on Showmax

Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini: A Comedy Extravaganza Set to Revolutionize South African Entertainment

The highly anticipated Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini, which aired on April 26, 2024, marked a significant moment in South African entertainment, blending humor with heartfelt tributes. This event not only showcased local comedy talent but also celebrated the career of one of South Africa’s beloved media personalities, Minnie Dlamini.

Event Overview

The Roast of Minnie Dlamini took place at the Sandton Convention Centre, as part of the Savanna and Showmax Laugh Africa Comedy Festival. The event featured a wide array of performances across different comedy genres including English, vernacular, and Afrikaans, highlighting over 50 comedians​​.

Technical Challenges and Audience Reactions

Despite its success, the event faced some initial technical issues that affected the streaming quality on Showmax. These problems were quickly addressed, allowing viewers to enjoy the full experience of the roast​ ​. The audience’s response was overwhelmingly positive, appreciating both the humor and the respectful jabs at Dlamini’s public and personal life​​.

Star-Studded Panel

The roast panel was a who’s who of South African entertainment, with notable figures such as Trevor Gumbi, Celeste Ntuli, Lasizwe, and sports broadcaster Robert Marawa. Comedy heavyweights Tumi Morake and Jason Goliath served as the roast masters, ensuring that the evening was filled with laughter and memorable moments​​.

Highlights and Performances

One of the highlights of the event was the participation of Eddie Griffin, an internationally acclaimed comedian, who brought his unique style to the stage, adding an international flavor to the festivities​. The roast also served as a platform for social media comedians, showcasing up-and-coming talent in a new segment sponsored by Chuckles​.

Minnie Dlamini’s Take on the Roast

Minnie Dlamini expressed her enthusiasm for the roast, seeing it as an opportunity to celebrate her career and address rumors in a light-hearted manner. She highlighted the importance of humor in her life and appreciated the chance to laugh at herself in front of a live audience​.

Looking Forward

The Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini set a new standard for comedy roasts in South Africa, blending traditional elements with local culture and talent. It not only provided entertainment but also a reflection on the impact of humor in addressing personal and public narratives.

As Showmax continues to invest in local content, events like the Roast of Minnie Dlamini demonstrate the platform’s commitment to delivering diverse and engaging programming that resonates with audiences across Africa​.

This event underscores the evolving nature of South African entertainment and the potential of digital platforms like Showmax to innovate and celebrate local talent on a grand scale.


Showmax is a prominent player in the streaming landscape, particularly in Africa, where it has carved out a niche by focusing on localized content alongside international hits. Launched in 2015, Showmax is part of the MultiChoice Group and has since expanded its service to more than 70 countries globally. Unlike its competitors, Showmax places a strong emphasis on local content, which resonates well with its audience, providing a platform for African filmmakers and artists to showcase their work. This strategy not only enhances the diversity of its offerings but also strengthens cultural representation in media. Showmax continues to innovate by hosting events like the Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini, which combine entertainment with cultural celebration, further solidifying its role as a key content provider in Africa.

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini is a celebrated South African television host, actress, and media personality, widely recognized for her charm and versatility in the entertainment industry. Since her debut on television, Dlamini has become a household name, hosting major broadcasting events, starring in several television shows, and engaging in various philanthropic efforts. Her career spans over a decade, during which she has cultivated a substantial following through her engaging presence on-screen and active participation in community and social events. Minnie Dlamini’s involvement in projects like the Showmax Roast showcases her willingness to engage with her audience in new and entertaining ways, highlighting her multifaceted career and her impact on South African pop culture.

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