Facebook Launches Avatars In Africa, Here Is How To Use The Feature

Find out how to make your own Facebook Avatars

You may have noticed an overwhelming number of Avatars in your Facebook feeds since yesterday, August 19. Well, that’s because it is a new feature launched by the platform for its African users.

With the new Avatar feature, users can create cartoon-like versions of themselves. They can also choose to set the Avatars as their profile pictures. While customizing the avatars, you can choose to make them look exactly like you, and change the expression, clothing and even the background.

Of course, you should have heard of this concept before. It was first made popular by Snapchat, where people customize their bitmojis to look like themselves and also tweak a few of the features. A few other companies have done the same including Apple “memojis”.

Now, here’s how to create yours;

  • First, download the latest version of the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Open the app and login to your account.
  • At the top right corner, click on the three lines. Scroll down and click on ‘See More’, the click on ‘Avatar’ and then on ‘Next’.
  • Start creating your avatar by selecting a “skin tone”. Click ‘Next’ to change hairstyle, face shape, eye shape, eyewear, body shape and any other body features.
  • When you’re through, click on ‘Done’ at the top right corner.

Be sure to make it look like you.

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