Ferguson Films Company: Net Worth, All TV Shows, Bursaries, Careers & Owners

Ferguson Films Company

Ferguson Films is a film production company named for its founders, the husband and wife Shona and Connie Ferguson. The company was founded in 2010, so it is currently 11 years in the industry.

Net Worth

When you speak of the net worth of Ferguson Films, you’re, in a sense, referring to the net worth of the people behind the company: Shona and Connie. As a couple, they have one of the strongest net worth in the industry.

Reports put the net worth of the Fegusons at $3 million. Of course, it could be higher. The couple’s worldly goods indicate this much.

All TV Shows

When you hear television shows, what exactly comes to mind? Anyway, television shows here reference every flick Ferguson Films has produced since its founding over a decade ago. Some of the sows are still running while others have stopped.

At any rate, there’s no denying that Ferguson Films has a track record of producing memorable movies. The credit for this, of course, goes to the scriptwriters.

The TV shows from Ferguson Films are The Imposter,  RockVille,  The Throne, The Queen, Igazi, The Gift, Unmarried, The Queen, and Kings of Jo’burg. Not exactly an impressive list, but then if you have watched Ferguson films, you know they are stuff to return to again and again.


We can’t verify that Ferguson Fims has a bursary for students, large and visible though the company might be. If you’re a film nut and looking for bursaries, you’re in luck yet as there are alternative places to secure bursaries.

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is one such place. This agency is part of South Africa’s Department of Arts and Culture. Now and then the department announces bursaries for film and television students.

To be eligible for the bursary, students  should be able to prove that they are actually in financial need. Also, they should have applied for, and been accepted into, a degree or0 diploma programme.

They must also be South African citizens and possess good academic records. Finally, students must submit a complete bursary application form.


If you’re looking to begin your career with Ferguson Films, best believe you are not alone. There are many out there with ambitions of pursuing careers with the company as well, thanks to its national visibility as well as the popularity of the owners. Career opportunities are announced now and then, so stay tuned.


Ferguson Films is a family business in the sense that the owners of the company are husband and wife.

Shona Ferguson was born in Botswana, but he has spent so many ears in South Africa that many now consider him a South Africa. His life’s journey didn’t begin with film, though, but with music.

He started out as a club DJ, then moved to the world of tech, where he rose to the position of manager. The acting followed. He had popped in Hollywood but was told he wasn’t good enough. But he was so confident in his gift that he continued in his acting path. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable faces in South African film, with plans underway to establish a film school.

Constance “Connie” Ferguson is Shona’s wife and a woman in whom he’s well pleased Connie is older than Shona but the age disparity has not been a problem. She was previously married to Neo Matsunyane, an actor.

The two had divorced amid allegations, from Neo Matsunyane, that Connie cheated on him. At the moment, Connie is in such a wonderful place with her current husband that many often describe them as the ideal couple – peeps from whom to take couple goals.

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