Ferguson Films Auditions: How To Audition, Casting Agency Contact Details & Address

Ferguson Films

Ferguson Film is a film company named for the man who founded it, Aaron Arthur Ferguson. He’s known simply as Shona Ferguson, though. Born in Gaborone, the Botswana capital, Ferguson began his career as a club DJ but soon moved over to the world of film.

He had auditions in Hollywood, where he was asked if he had a backup plan, as some producers, including respected ones, were of the view he had no future as an actor. Well, he didn’t listen to those doubting his acting gift. He kept on acting and, along the line, founded Ferguson Films with his wife Connie. That was in 2010.

How To Audition

To audition for Ferguson Films, it is important to keep an eye open for announcements from the company. Now and then the company announces new roles, with details on how to audition for them.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, details on how to audition are evolving. Earlier this year, Ferguson Films made a call for audition for multiple roles, with details on how to go about it.

So far, there hasn’t been another casting call.

Casting Agency

Ferguson Films is unlike most. It has no casting agency but handles the casting of talents in-house. So, whenever the company wants to cast new talents, it routinely advertises this. It also sends out briefs to agents.

According to Connie Ferguson, co-founder of Ferguson Films, the company sends out briefs to agents now and then, as it is easier working with agents than through actors themselves, especially those they have never worked with previously.

She encouraged actors to be proactive and query their agents on what’s going on.

Contact Details

On matters contact, Ferguson Films is pretty professional and expects acting hopefuls to be the same, and respectful, too. The company has a team and an email dedicated to casting actors, and expects actors to reach the company only through that email, which is: casting [at] fergusonfilms dot co dot za.

Shona Ferguson has warned that those who have his personal email address should never try to reach him for acting roles through that, as the email will be deleted automatically. Also, he’s advised against sending him a direct message on social media regarding casting.


Ferguson Films has not shared a physical address at which they can be reached. In the interim, acting hopefuls will have to content themselves with their web address, which is:

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