Reversal: Reverse FNB eWallet With These Methods

Here is an easy guide on how to reverse ewallet transfers.

What Is eWallet?

Being in the digital era is quite fun. It is impressive that previously stressful processes like transferring money can now be done easily using the eWallet FNB. In Mzansi right now, the eWallet FNB is one of the most efficient and even cheapest ways to transfer money to friends and family in the country.

The best part is that you do not necessarily have to transfer to a bank account. You can move money from your account to any registered mobile number in the country. The recipient can then access it at any of the FNB ATMs in the country.

Possible Money Transfer Mistake

Of course, mistakes can be made when people transfer money to the wrong mobile number. However, the cool thing is that it can easily be reversed and sent to the correct recipient only if you follow these easy steps below.

Reversing eWallet Transfer

Reverse eWallet By Calling FNB Call Centre Number

When you’ve noticed that you have transferred money to the wrong mobile number, cancel the already complete transaction. You can do this by contacting the FNB call centre and requesting that it be done manually from their end. Note that the FNB reversal phone number for cellphone banking is 087 575 9405.

eWallet Reversal Via Automated Prompt Phone Protocol

If that doesn’t work for you, you can follow these alternative steps;

  1. Dial *120*321# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select alternative “4”, which is for “Send Money”.
  3. Then select alternative “5” for “eWallet reversal”.
  4. Select the transaction that you want to reverse.

Reverse eWallet Through Complaint Resolutions Desk

The methods mentioned above are straightforward enough. However, if you want to, you can choose to contact the Complaint Resolutions Desk via email or telephone ( and 087 575 9408). The phone number is the same as the one listed earlier.

Using the eWallet transfer and reversal process has been made efficient for everyone. However, do not forget that you would be charged a total of R50 to reverse money sent to the wrong recipient.

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