Freddy K & Tyler ICU “Freddy VS Tyler” Album Review

Read the review of Amapiano DJs Freddy K and Tyler ICU’s collaborative project “Freddy Vs. Tyler”.

In a year when the dominance of Amapiano all over the country and the world have been strengthened, Freddy K and Tyler ICU joined the list of hitmakers who have released joint projects. The two Disc Jockeys who double as producers have been active on the scene as solo hitmakers. Teaming up, they gave their fans more to vibe to.

When one talented DJ creates music, it is a beauty, but it is even more interesting when two revered talents team up and make a whole album together. Freddy K and Tyler ICU showed off the beauty of Amapiano on their latest project, which was released earlier this month. We can state that they intended to make their fans dance and lose themselves to the music rather than prove who’s a better hitmaker.

Cover Art

Every artist who understands the music scene knows that an album cover speaks volumes even before the music is heard. With their new “Freddy Vs. Tyler” project, the two hitmakers went the extra mile and channeled the official poster for their hit horror film “Freddy Vs. Jason,” which was released in 2003. The film has since become a classic.

The cover for Freddy K and Tyler ICU’s album channeled the poster for the film. Freddy is photographed wearing claw gloves and a see-through mask, while Tyler hides his face in a mask similar to Jason’s in the movie. We wonder whose idea it was to do this in the first place. The cover art gives the impression of a face-off between the two, just like in the film, but that’s not the case. It is a musical celebration with the two at the helm of things.

Popular Tracks

Of course, the teaming up stars like Freddy K and Tyler ICU would only mean that magic would be made. Indeed, magic was made. The two hitmakers created some of the best songs of their collaborative career. They had previously dominated the airwaves with the jam “Live Nkwari,” a song that mainly relied on its instrumental ability to thrive. With it, they showed the beauty of Amapiano without vocals.

Other songs on the album which have gained praise include “Empini,” featuring Young Stunna, and “Ashi Nthwela,” featuring Focalistic. You might say that songs with big-name features always gain more recognition than on a project. Of course, that would be correct in most cases, but not always. The beauty of these two songs is that Freddy and Tyler blend their production prowess with the star power of the two artists.

We all know Foca rides on a song’s instrumental like it was sown on his skin, while Young Stunna immerses himself in the music and, without words, invites you to party with him. They both did that in these songs, delivering fantastic performances for the tastefully made instrumentals.


One thing we enjoy about Amapiano is that it can be a solo fest and party for all. A song can have one of the multiple features and still be a vibe. Freddy and Tyler collaborated with some of the most talented names in the industry on the project. Their guests include Murumba Pitch, Pushkin, Springle, Focalistic, Vigro Deep, Young Stunna, Kopoy Zukar, Bukeka, and TBO. Together, they all did a fantastic job on a majority of the tracks on the project. The song “Live Nkwari” is the only track on the project without any features.


Freddy K and Tyler ICU’s “Freddy Vs. Tyler” project is for lovers of Amapiano and people who have just been introduced to the genre. It is a celebration of the dominant sound and a call-to-party either by yourself or with friends. The tracks are well-positioned, and the production is impressive. The vocals are well delivered, and everything is perfect. You should hear it.

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