How To Create A Hit Song

You love music? Well, we do too. It’s not a bad thing to want to sing, most people do, anyway. Everyone thinks they can sing, especially when they are in the shower but very few actually decide to take it beyond the shower, right into the studio. We take it you are one of those.

Cool. So, you want to sing, but you don’t just want a song, you want a hit song. It doesn’t matter at what stage your music career is. Whether you are a newbie on the scene or an experienced singer, you still need that song to be a hit. This should be for the newbie on the scene though, you need that big break, we’re here to guide you through it.

It’s not enough to put songs out, your career grows faster when people know that they can get the best songs from you. Putting out a song every week is not a big deal, making sure that the song is dope is the main part. So, let’s get to it.

1. Set the Right Mood

When you are about to hit the studio, be sure you are in the right frame of mind. Be sure the studio works for you. If it doesn’t, start off where you think wil work for you. It makes no sense to work in a studio in which you are not comfortable. If you don’t feel ready, postpone. If the studio does not feel right, make other arrangements.

Singing can be simple or complex depending on how you approach it. If you don’t approach it the right way, you will have challenges that’ll affect your input later on. If you want a hit song, start on the right foot. Set the right mood.

2. Decide on Theme

Now, theme does not necessarily mean that you have to choose that I want to sing about beauty or hate or love or something like that. Just have an idea of what you want your song to be about and chase it relentlessly. Let every line of the song buttress that point.

If you want to sing about pain, how are your lines aligning? What mood are you in for the song? How does your voice need to sound to convey that pain? Decide on these things early on and you’ll find that it’ll be easier to follow through from there. Give it a try.

3. Write Right

To make a hit song, you need a hit song. You need a song written right. If you’ve found a measure of success already, you may be able to find your way around this. But if you are just coming up, you need to write your song yourself and make sure it is written right.

Yes, you will probably still feel the need to tweak a few things but it should be a case of tiny changes and not complete overhauls later on.

Be sure that the lyrics align with the theme. Unless you are shooting for random lines that don’t necessarily align, you should make sure that lines in your song all converge.

The chorus is probably a good place to convey the general tone of the song. If your chorus says something and your stanzas say something else completely different, you may have trouble coping later on when it’s time for the song to go big.

Ensuring you have a right song written down takes away close to half of your problems. You’d only then need to worry about delivery. But the song lyrics has to be right.

4. Have the right beats

You should talk to a good producer and mixer. In many cases, as someone just coming up the industry ladder, you may need to be all that for yourself. You may need to find the beats, mix the song, find out how to make it work. That’s another place where the learning part comes in.

In the event that you do find a pretty good producer, be sure that the beats, sound and style fits into the emotion your song is trying to pass across. If they don’t fit, you’re going to have serious problems.

Imagine an Ed Sheeran‘s song, let’s say “Photograph”. Imagine if that song was some fast-paced song that left you breathless, not from the awesomeness but from the beats, it probably wouldn’t hit as much and have as much impact as it does. So, learn to choose a beat that aligns with your theme and emotion you want to convey.

In the final analysis, when you finally get into the studio, give the performance of your life. Every sound, counts. Every line matters and you should treat them as such. You have what it takes, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Have more tips and methods? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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