How To Start A DJ Career

How many times have you harbored thoughts of being a disc jockey. You see some of the cool names around and you want to be like them. Legit dreams. You’re not wrong to admire and want to be like them. The question is how?

Like any dream, you should first be sure that you even want to do this in the first place? I mean, is it a spur of the moment thing or do you really want to go this route?

I have a friend that wanted to be a neurosurgeon as a child. The problem was that he sucked at science and everything in between. Do you have what it takes. Are you willing to give it what it takes. Those are salient questions that need answering. If you are sure you are ready, then let’s guide you in.

Understand What DJs Do

Who are DJs? What do they do? Are there types of DJs? Who are they and which ones do you want to be? For instance, we have Club DJs, The performer, The Mobile DJ, and the Radio DJ. Which of them do you want to be?

1. The Club DJ

The club DJ has to be someone who understands how to keep the club flow going. Audiences differ. Moods differ. Events differ. A solid club disc jockey knows how to read moods and adjust songs that fit those moods. Do you want to be one of these?

2. The Performer

These are also referred to as turntablist. They have skills when it comes to making transitions, cutting, scratching. People like to watch them make things happen. If you have been told you are a showoff or you like to be the center of attention, you may want to give this type of DJing a try.

3. Mobile DJ

These ones are the types of DJs that perform at your weddings, birthdays or smaller events. They often go around with the big equipments and if you like them, you can decide to try this type.

4. Radio DJ

These DJs are different. They play the nice songs for you on radio in between shows and sometimes even have their own time designated for shows of maybe top songs or new songs.

Why Do You Want To Become A DJ

This is the next stage after you have decided on what kind of DJ you want to be. Ask yourself why you even want to be a DJ. If you can’t tell yourself a good reason why you want to be a DJ, you probably are not ready just yet.

You have to define what you want to do and why and it starts with understanding why you want to be a DJ in the first place.

Once you have identified why you want to be a DJ, then start working towards making it a reality. What do you need to put in place? What sacrifices do you need to make? How willing are you to make them? Settle and answer all these questions first.

1. Start Learning

It is not enough to want to be a DJ. It is not even enough to know why. Do you understand what needs to be done? You need to get back to basics and start learning. Don’t be that DJ that gets booed off. Your reputation may not survive it.

These days, there are enough online courses to get you going. Check out some of those online courses. You’ll find enough resources there to make you learn.

You can check out Coursera. They have music producing, writing and DJing courses online. You can check out YouTube too. There are videos and recordings that can set you straight and put you on the right path. Take advantage of them and learn the basics right up to the top.

2. Start Small

There is no pressure to start big especially if you are just finding yourself. Start somewhere. Start small and work your way to the top. Start volunteering to play the small gigs in church, street carnivals and some of the small events and gain a reputation from there.

3. Documentation

It’s important to learn to sell yourself. Every event you play in has to be documented and recorded. Record a video, take some pictures and post on social media. That’s how people will know what you do and naturally think of you when there’s something similar coming up.

4. Have a Collection

Have mixes made ready to be played for every occasion. Don’t be the kind of disc jockey that needs to start rushing when he’s contacted to come play at a gig. Be prepared. It’s a must. Know the current songs and have them down so that you don’t start scratching your head when you need to turn up.

Above all, use social media. That can’t be stressed enough. You can sell yourself as a quality DJ using social media. Be active and alive.

What do you think about these tips? Let’s hear it.

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