Ivan Roux Songs Top 10 (2020)

This weekend we bring you top 10 songs by the South African singer Ivan Roux. If you haven’t heard of the songster up to this point, then you probably haven’t been following him.

At any rate, imagine him as a luminous name in the list of musicians of South African provenance. He is pretty good, although he may not make the list of the prolific in the rainbow nation.

Of course you know the notion of top 10 is subjective, actually the sum of a reviewer’s tastes – you may say biases. What follows is a list of the champ’s songs we are enamoured of and are confident you will love hearing.

It is worthy of note that the singer hasn’t released much recently. So some of his songs in the list date back years.

Check them out and share your thoughts with us in the comments. You may as well make a list of your own. It’s a challenge. Take it.

1. Ivan Roux – Doenit Als Vir Liefde

2. Ivan Roux – Daai Ding

  1. Ivan Roux – Lipstick

  1. Ivan Roux – Dis Liefde

  1. Ivan Roux – My Rede

  1. Ivan Roux – Kop In Die Sand

  1. Ivan Roux – Ek is Boer

  1. Ivan Roux – Engel

  1. Ivan Roux – Is Jy Nie Meer Lief Vir My

  1. Ivan Roux – Vier Seisoene Kind

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