Johnny Clegg Songs Top 10

Johnny Clegg's top 10 songs

Johnny Clegg was a prolific South African singer, who started music with his band Juluka, which was the first singing group in the South African apartheid era that had both a black and white man in the same group. The group had such great performances that became not only locally but internationally known.

The singer is known for hit songs like “Dela”, “King of Time”,”Impi’, “Giyani” among others, which went on to get him various awards and nominations. The artist till the time of his death on April 16, 2019 was known as one of the legends of the South African music wave and till today is still celebrated all across South Africa. The singer was able to make his mark in the industry.

The following are songs in honor of Johnny Clegg, which was  released in his life time, in no particular order. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list

1. Dela Song

2. Scatterlings Of Africa Ft Savuka

3. Great Heart Ft.

4. The Crossing

5. I’ve Been Looking Ft. Jesse Clegg

6. Great Heart

7. Impi Ft. Juluka

8. Jongozi

9. Ibhola Lethu ft. Juluka

10. I call Your Name

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