Joyous Celebration 25 – Still We Rise: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live) Album Review

It’s a turning point for South African gospel group as they unleash their 25th album. To celebrate this symbolic milestone, the group referenced the number 25 in their latest album, “Still We Rise: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live) .

It’s been years of entertaining and healing the public with music. Now 25 albums old, the group clarifies that it is growing, not waning, in power.

The recently released project “Still We Rise: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live)” bears 16 tracks in all and begins on a note of the soulful submission, with a song titled “Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 (Live).” The song sets the tone for what follows – a brilliant manifestation of God’s power and grace.

The second track, “Thank You Lord (Live),” leads the listener through the gulf of gratitude. The follow-up track is more of a reminder that God is there always – an assurance the Christian actually needs from time to time in order not to waver in the faith.

The note of gratitude continues with “Bonginkosi Ngazo,” and the follow-up track reminds one of the Lordship of Christ.

“Elakho Liphezulu (Live),” which occupies the 6th position on the tracklist, advertises Christ as a power high up there – a power you might call on for your lifting.

“Sofana Naye (Live),” another soul-lifting tune in the compilation, emphasizes how important it is to be like God.  To get anything from God, one has to live a Christ-like life. So one has to live in purity of soul and spirit to access all there is in God’s central bank of blessings.

With “Cela,” the believer knows of his rights in Christ – he only has to, and he is encouraged to ask. Just ask. What follows, “Sebenza Ngami,” brings to life the joy of a collaborative spirit. Christ can work with and through the believer.

“Grace and Mercy (Live)” brings you what the title suggests, grace and mercy – God’s. To listen to the song is to experience God’s saving grace afresh. The song will especially speak to the souls of those who are hurting and whose live appear directionless.

The next track, “The Victory Song (Live),” is so energizing you might experience a surge of power – Christ’s power and victory – right where you are! The song accentuates the previous one, clarifying that you’re never alone – Christ is with the believer, and victory is certain.

“In Christ We Stand (Live)” is another potent number that will recharge the faith of every believer out there. If you have been wavering in your faith, afraid the enemy appears to be having the upper hand, this song instantly liberates you from that fear, bringing you God’s redemptive power that will affirm your life.

The follow-up track, “Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho (Live),” seems to emphasize the old truth that there is the will of man and there is the will of God. Of course, of both wills, you know which should be affirmed. In the song, there’s an emphasis on God’s will and a profound call that it should be done in the life of the saints.

What follows, “Camagu Ngonyama (Live),” might bring you images of Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. That Lion is also there for you. You only have to call on  Him to see Him manifest. As a Christian, you’re the child of that Lion, so what’s there to fear?

Track 15, “Days of Elijah (Live),” does not literally bring up the days of that notable prophet of God. So, nah, you don’t get to see that prophet again. But then, millennia later, the God of Elijah remains the same. He’s still there in power, eager to show off with the lives of his kids – the true believers, so to speak. Gods still manifest power and saving grace as in the days of Elijah.

“Ngiyanikela” is absolutely fitting as the last track in the compilation in that it glitters with notes of gratitude, showing just how dependent the Christian is on God and the vitality of being grateful for what God has done.

“Still We Rise: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live) ” is a work of great symbolism, not only in title but in the breadth of its message. This body of work manifests God’s power and glory in multiple hues, bringing the listener great spiritual warmth.

As a project, the compilation also advertises the spiritual range of as a group. This collective of singers of both sexes is a delight to listen to. Their 25th album takes you into cosmic planes of worship from which you might be disinclined to leave.

“Still We Rise: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live),” then, ought to be on the playlist of every Christian who values a deep communion with God any day. We rate this project high and ask y’all to check it out. Let the of Christ’s power begin.

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