Lady Zamar Songs Top 10 (2020)

Lady Zamar’s top 10 songs from 2019-2020

Shifting our focus on Lady Zamar, who is an award winning House artiste. The artist who perform her song majorly in English has over time won over the hearts of her fans from her “Love is Blind” single to “This is Love” and “Collide”. She is with no doubt one of the best artistes in her genre. The singer has won herself various awards both locally and internationally.

Having had a wonderful year in 2019 through show performances and collaborative efforts, the new year promises to be a great one for the artiste. Lady Zamar has created a brand for herself with her unique voice which everybody has come to get familiar with. She is one of the most sought after female artistes in South Africa. She has been able to release albums that have topped charts.

The following are top 10 songs from Lady Zamar’s discography released from 2019-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

1. Our Process

2. Collide

3. Sunshine

4. My Baby

5. This Is Love

6. Love Is Blind

7. Sharp Shooter

8 More And More

9. It’s You (Dreaming)

10. El Diego

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