Lowsheen “2nd Chapter Album” Album Review

Read our extensive review of Mzansi DJ and producer Lowsheen’s new album “2nd Chapter.”

It has been one year since Lowsheen dropped the “1st Chapter EP.” There has been an evident growth in his music since then, and he has amassed more hits than in August 2022. That’s one year of massive dominance on the scene, so shout out to him.

Teaming up with Master KG, Lowsheen, has brought so much joy to the Wanitwa Mos Entertainment label, contributing to big hits and collaborating with major talents. With Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter, he dropped “Sofa Silahlane.” A song that dominated airwaves and social media.

Also, since the beginning of the year, he has collaborated with Nkosazana Daughter and Master KG on several songs as a lead artist. They released “Ring Ring Ring” and also appeared on Nkosazana’s debut album “Uthingo Le Nkosazana.”

Returning to the scene, Lowsheen has come through with his highly anticipated album. We all thought it would be a short-length project like the “1st Chapter EP,” but he had much bigger plans. He has now dropped the album, and the response to it has been massive.

Cover Art

Lowsheen is also a music act who does only what fits for his song covers and project arts. The cover art for the “Ist Chapter” EP featured an image of the DJ wearing shades and looking up and away. The graphics made it a more interesting image. This time, he went for brighter colours.

It still featured a photo of him, but he’s more of the cover’s focus than the art. Lowsheen is pictured with his arms crossed while he poses with a confident smile on his face. It gives the impression that he knows he did a great job and expects his appreciation from fans. LoL.

Popular Tracks

We have all concluded that everything Lowsheen touches turns to gold. The famous hitmaker delivered a few singles from the “2nd Chapter” for he released it. He dropped “Nguwe” featuring Azana. Of course, the response to the song was fantastic because they did a great job on it.

He also released “Oe’Phihlile,” featuring Makhadzi and Lioness Ratang. We like to think that both artists were perfect for the song. They also did a fantastic job on it. Lowsheen has also been praised for the fan favourite song “Shona Malanga” featuring Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter. They did beautiful work on the song.

Tracklist & Features

Lowsheen has not only shown Mzansi that he is a great DJ and producer, but he has also proven how well he works with others. The features on his new “2nd Chapter” album are dope. The album houses twelve tracks and features contributions from Nkosazana Daughter, Master KG, Azana, Makhadzi, Lioness Ratang, Eemoh, Charlotte Lyf, Lwami, MaWhoo, Pouler Dmusiq, Basetsana, Caltonic SA, DJ Ngwazi, Casswell P, Henny C, DJ KSB, and more. They all did fantastic work on the album. He proved yet again that he is an amazing collaborator.


There is certainly no doubt that Master KG struck gold with Lowsheen. They have both made hits for days. It was nice to see Lowsheen do his thing with the new “2nd Chapter.” He has been on the scene since 2022 and has already become a household name on the airwaves. The “2nd Chapter” proves Lowsheen’s continuous dominance on the scene.

He gained the attention of the fans with the “1st Chapter” EP, but with the “2nd Chapter” album, he is showing his fans why they ought to stick with him. The album is a chill party from start to finish. You might want to give it a listen.

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