Makhadzi “Kokovha” Album Review

Check out our track by track review of Makhadzi’s brand new album “Kokovha”.

Makhadzi dropped her album “Kokovha” a few days ago and it has already gained mad love from her fans. Two seconds into the album and you already know what to expect. Mampintsha joins her on the song “Sugar Sugar” which makes you dance crazy. The party continues on the next track “Happiness”. Mr Brown sets the pace, and together they deliver a sense of happiness to the listener. “Moya Uri Yes” is no different, as continues with the same energy. Makhadzi stuns as she delivers an impressive performance on it.

The energy queen rides solo on “Red Card”. Her vocals, and presence on the song makes it all the more enticing. She switches things up as she rides with Mr Brown on “Murahu”. Again, the hidden agenda is to make you dance. That’s a job well done. Hand claps usher the next song in. She calls it “My Love” and Master KG and Pribce Benza render their production services on it. “Madhakutswa” raises the energy again and “Gigi Lamayne” brings the bars. She matches the energy, and sings about wanting her man all to herself.

Sho Madjozi lays her flow on the next track “Battery”. The tempo doesn’t change but it feels like the vibe rises as the song advances. “Kokovha” is an undeniable favourite. Prayzah’s vocals makes it even more enjoyable, and the breath-like production is had to ignore. The instrumentals on this one are dope. On “Fhumulani” plays with the song, and gives it a different feel. This is another radio friendly song on the album. brings some of her vibe to “Amadoda”. It comes with a Piano feel, and sort of swells as the song advances.

She goes solo again on “Lokololwa”. There’s something amazing about hearing Makhadzi do her thing on a song all by herself. It makes you feel her energy, and that’s what this song does to you. On “Gagalanga” and join her again for another memorable moment. This time, Piano is exalted as well as is Afro House. “Rema” brings and Mizo Phyll to the scene. The production gives the feel of a kind of song especially because of the chords played on the guitar. She links up with Mr Brown again on the next track “I Believe”. She sings about believing in love. It’s a fast paced love song, perfect for weddings.

On “Themba Mutu”, Charma Girl comes through, and absolutely delivers. The energy isn’t cut off on this. The song easily wraps you up in its warm embrace. “Tshikiri Poto” rides with the same kind of tempo. FB lends a helping hand as Makhadzi’s voice brings the song home. It makes you think of dance challenges, and how it would suit one. “Nwa Asi Wanga” sort of washes over you. Her strong vocals take up space in the song and practically calls you to dance with her. It is infectious.

“Maswina” is no different from the rest. There is no slowing down on this one. The song feels like something you’ve heard on the album earlier, but it carries a different vibe. “DJ” featuring starts in a soothing way. The strength in Makhadzi’s voice still summons your spirit and calls you to vibe to it. also features on the final track “Mahalwan”, a perfect way to close out the energetic album. It is amazing to see how she kept up the energy in the entire album. You’re definitely going to love it.

All in all, Makhadzi’s Kokovha album gets a 4 star.