Malome Vector “Nobody” Song Review

Read our review of Malome Vector’s most recent song “Nobody”.

There are artists who take time to prove themselves to the audience their music is presented to. However, that hasn’t been the case for Ambitiouz Entertainment star, who contributed to the massive SA Hip Hop joint “Price To Pay” led by DJ.

The Lesotho born singer goes off on a solo journey on this song titled “Nobody”. He proves with this that he can hold an audience in his grasp and do with their emotions what he pleases. On the song, he samples Senegalese star, Akon’s previous hit song “Don’t Matter” as he sings about defying the odds to be with the woman he loves.

In our opinion, this might just be the perfect song for the love month. It would even be more perfect if yours is a love that’s been defying a lot of odds and opinion. Another exciting thing about the song is that it taps into ancestral roots in its creation. There are chants which sort form the background of the song as he sings about his love for his woman. It comes off as a song you perform for the woman you love standing in street while she looks down from her window. With your friends as backup of course.

His vocals on the song are calm as he delivers the lyrics. It passes on a kind of certainty proving the quality of his love. His vocals blend into the chants just like a perfect Acapella song, except the beat comes and goes making way for the vocals to sink in. The song blends elements of RnB and Hip Hop together. It is both modern and local, and it’s all thanks to the lyrics and the production. This is a song you should hear.

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