Manu Worldstar Songs Top 10 2020

Manu Worldstar recently released an album title “Molimo,” and because this is his first major work this year, several of the songs on this list will be taken from that body of work. In that case, we wouldn’t have trouble picking his top 10 songs of 2020.

Of course, songs released earlier than 2020 also made the cut. That’ to show just how deeply we believe in those songs and the impact they have made in the music industry and indeed Manu Worldstar’s life as an artiste.

Manu Worldstar apparently adopted this stage name on the strength of his faith in his singing gift ad where the gift will take him ultimately.

In no particular order, below, if you please, are Manu Worldstar’s Songs (top 1o). At the end of this post, you nay want to add to the list – or make up your own list entirely. Your choice really. We’ll be looking forward to your take. Now, let’s go!

1. Manu WorldStar – Choko

2. Manu Worldstar – NaLingi

3. Manu Worldstar – Celebrate

4. Manu WorldStar – Fire Emoji Ft. Rouge

5. Manu WorldStar – I Choose you Ft. Gemini Major

6. Manu WorldStar – Rent

7. Manu WorldStar -Molimo

8. Manu WorldStar – Pressure Ft. Mariechan

9. Manu WorldStar – Future Plan

10. Manu WorldStar – Nalingi Remix Ft. Sjava, Roberto & $pacely

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