Maverick City Music & UPPERROOM – Move Your Heart Album Review

First you move your heart, and then you move the spirit. The result is almost always a miracle. You’re about to experience a miracle with Maverick City Music and UPPERROOM’s collaborative “Move Your Heart” album.

This compilation of gospel tunes easily moves the heart of the Christian, realigning his spirit with the spiritual, affirming a robust consciousness of the power of God.

Maverick City Music is a musical group founded by Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown in Georgia. UPPERROOM is another musical collective. Both are united as much by language as by a common interest in spiritual songs.

The groups’ collaborative “Move Your Heart” album premiered on Apple Music on 29 January 2021. This 7-track compilation plays for exactly 55 minutes.

“Move Your Heart” album begins with “Rest on Us,” a song of compelling spiritual energy featuring Brandon Lake and Eniola Abioye. It is excellent as the first song of the album in that it sets the tempo of what follows, acknowledging God’s power and calling for the manifestation of it.

The song alone will make the believer forever conscious of his powers in Christ and the vitality of calling on that power when necessary. Irresistible – this song.

The eponymous “Move Your Heart” track is another soul-winning tune that might get the listener emotional, fiercely conscious of god’s presence and power. It featured Dante Bowe and Elyssa Smith.

What follows, “Everything is Yours,” is a spontaneous offering with Dante Bowe, Elyssa Smith and Joel Figueroa but no less charming as a Christian tune. The reality that the Christian is an heir with Christ and entitled to all this good is made apparent in this song.

The track might be spontaneous but it’s also one of the most moving in the album. And yes, we count it among our favourites.

With “Come and Behold” (track No. 4), a collaborative work with Chandler Moore and Elyssa Smith, the listener steps into the miraculous. The power of God has manifested, and the listener is implored to be a witness to it.

This song might be of great appeal to many out there, especially those struggling in matters of faith… those who think all hope is lost. “Come and Behold” the miracle of the risen Christ, the group seems to say.

In track No. 5, “I Want to See You (Spontaneous),” Maverick City Music and UPPERROOM tapped the vocal resources of Chandler Moore again, creating a deeply moving spiritual song that will shake the gates of Heaven and probably send the angels hurrying down with flowers. You don’t wanna skip it.

“I Want to See You (Spontaneous)” effortlessly takes the listener into a spiritual orbit from which he might be disinclined to leave. The song is simply profound.

Track No. 6, “Your Blood Is Strong Enough,” another collaborative work with Chandler Moore, acknowledges the power of the blood of Jesus to overcome every power or obstacle on the paths of those who earnestly seek Christ.

The song ought to be on the playlist of any Christian about to wage spiritual battles against the forces of darkness. It is potent, encouraging and a must-have for the “prayer warrior.”

The album ends, beautifully, on a note of gratitude, with “I Thank God,” a track for which Maverick City Music and UPPERROOM co-opted Dante Bowe, Aaron Moses, Maryanne J. George and Chuck Butler. The mood here is joyous and one to be shared.

If you only have to listen to one gospel album this month, we encourage you to make it “Move Your Heart.” This sumptuous feast of spiritual songs ought to be on the playlist of every Christian out there. We recommend it.

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