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Showmax’s hit reality show, The Mommy Club,” boasts a cast of elite classy mommies, their children, and loyal nannies.

If you’re a fan of shows following the rich and famous, this is for you. Of course, we all love to take a peek into the lives of the elite to see what makes them tick. Showmax’s new hit show is all about It Moms, who aren’t camera shy.

According to the streamer’s description of the show, “The Mommy Club is a reality show that sees five glamorous Jozi momfluencers navigating the challenges of parenting – and the cutthroat world of “it moms.” The new show follows “a rare group of women. Their lives are over the top, dramatic, and extremely luxurious.”

The show debuted on Tuesday, June 11, with the first of 11 episodes landing on the streamer to kick off the first season. More episodes have been released every Tuesday since. Mrs. Mops, Tshego Manche, Her Majesty, Nunurai, and Ratile are power moms who are particular about what they wear and how they’re perceived.

Their children are treated like royalty, and their nannies (who, of course, run things behind the scenes) would go to hell and back for their kids. When you think of them, all that comes to mind is “elite.” Here’s a description of each cast member so you don’t seem lost from the beginning of the show.

Mrs Mops

Mommy Club Showmax Cast 2

Mpumi Mophatlane. You may know her if you’re a fan of the second season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. Mrs Mops has been described as ” ‘the Classy Mama,’ who loves shopping, has a degree in drama and film, and now works in cyber security.”

Mrs Mops is married to IT mogul Lenamile Isaac Mophatlane. Lenamile is the Founder of Business Connexion Group Ltd., the founder of Randvest Capital, and the director and chairman of Bothomed (Pty) Ltd. The couple met while Mpumi was in her first year at varsity. They fell in love and finally tied the knot. He took her to a romantic getaway in Milan, Italy, where they had the best time. The couple have three children together and have been closer than ever. She was reported to be 33 years old in 2020. She is also one of the women who doesn’t hold back when it comes to spending money because she’s got a lot of it.

Ratile Mabitsela

Mommy Club Showmax Cast 3

Have you ever watched those shows about pageant princesses and their mommies? Yes? Then you know much of who Ratile is. She is a pageant mom. In 2012, she emerged as the winner of the Miss Tembisa contest. Years later, she now owns the brand. She loves to travel, and her husband proposed to her in Paris. She says New York is her favorite city.

In her introduction in the show’s second episode, she said, “I hail from Tembisa. I’m a typical beauty queen, and I love it.” She was also a semi-finalist for Mrs. South Africa 2023. This proves she’s not ready to step away from beauty pageantry any time soon. Some fans have noted nothing “prim and proper” about her as you would expect from a pageant queen. She would not waste time to drag anyone who comes for her.

Ms. Manche (Tshego Manche)

Mommy Club Showmax Cast 4

Some adults wish they had the fun mom types who were always ready to play games with them and try something new. Unfortunately, they ended up with the bad cop moms. Ms. Manche is the fun-loving kind of mom. She likes to try something new with her kids every Saturday. Oh, she’s also a trendsetter. She is married to a Nigerian musician named Adewale Adebayo.

In an interview with DJ FRESH on the WAW! What A Week podcast, she opened up about her husband, her kids, and her upbringing. “I kneeled to God and said, if all else fails in my life, let love not fail for me because I am a lover. I love deep, and I can’t live without love. So that’s how we met. I was going through that, and he didn’t know. Till today, he likes saying; I cannot believe you did not tell me what you were going through.” She shared that her first trip to Nigeria was glorious, and she was treated like a queen.

Nunurai Mudarikwa

Mommy Club Showmax Cast 5

She is called the Main Event Mama. She’s all about business and chasing the bag and loves her child. Nunurai started her first company when she was 23. She’s been killing it since. She’s the type of mom other people’s kids love to emulate.

Nunurai graduated from Monash University on 8 April 2017. She is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Nulu Flowers and Nulu Events. She is married to a businessman. He isn’t on the show because he dislikes being on TV. She made headlines when she spent R250k to celebrate her son, Zidan. She threw the party at a park on her residential estate. She bought a Burberry outfit for him to attend the party.

Happy Simelane

Mommy Club Showmax Cast 6

Happy Simelane, also known as Her Majesty, is another cool mom. She says she’s a lover of life and happiness. Expect her to be all sunshine and roses whenever she hits your screen.

Happy is also an author, producer, and philanthropist. She was raised by a teenage mother in Vosloorus in the East Rand. She married Mduduzi Simelane in a two-day affair – a white and traditional wedding at her home in Vosloorus. They spent R2 million on their wedding ceremony, and he gifted her a R900,000 Porsche convertible.


The nannies on the show include Mantsi Thema, Ellina Mwalwanda, Barbara Zhorizho, Palesa Maimane, Shalom Ndlovu, and Marble Chikwavaira.


The children on the show include Tshireletho Maqhubela, Khumo Mophatlane, Noble Adewale, Tumisho Mabitsela, Zidan Anesu Adenola Olayiwola, Nicole Adewale, Marang Mophatlane, Tlotliso Mabitsela, Thoriso Mabitsela, Sekai Mophatlane, Tiisetho Maqhubela, Arabile Paris Simelane, and Noah Adewale.

Omuhle Gela is a guest on the show.

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