Most Viewed Instagram Live Stream During Lockdown/Quarantine

Tekashi 6ix9ine, Tory Lanez & Drake, Blackpinks Jennie, Babyface VS. Teddy Riley are the most viewed Instagram live streamed artists during the coronavirus pandemic lock down that has forced people to self quarantine

Check out the most viewed Live streams during the lockdown/Quarantine.

In case you didn’t get the memo, the world is currently on a lockdown. Nations have restricted citizens from moving around like before due to the continued spread of the Coronavirus. Of course, the lockdown is not established to cure the virus but to curb its spread.

However, everyone in the world has found new ways to entertain themselves. With celebs hosting live streams on Instagram, to entertain or interact with their fans, social media has become a good source of entertainment. Lately, staying home hasn’t felt as bad as we thought it would.

The live stream feature has really come in handy in keeping celebrities connected to their fans since the lockdown began. Virtually everything can be done in a live stream, from parties, to battles, and more. Some big names have managed to amass the most views on their Live streams more than everyone else.

Here’s some that you may have heard about;

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine

You may as well call him the new king of the Live Stream. Since Tekashi 6ix9ine got out of jail, he has become the most talked about rapper in the industry. Although, he amassed quite a number of haters since last year, his fan base has also grown massively.

Raking in over 2 million viewers on his first Live Stream, he now holds the record for the most viewed one ever. He had appeared Live to clarify the reason why he snitched on his former gang, Nine Trey Bloods.

  • Tory Lanez & Drake

Popular Canadian artists, Tory Lanez and Drake amassed a total of 315,000 viewers on their Live Stream early last month. Drizzy had appeared on Lanez’s popular show, Quarantine Radio where they both accumulated the highest live stream views at the time. During the stream, both artists celebrated the feat to the delight of their fans. Lanez is quoted to have said “we have to shout out the fact that we’re the only two people in the game that have ever hit 300,000,”

  • Blackpink’s Jennie

Blackpink’s Jennie almost broke Drake and Tory Lanez’s record in under 6 minutes. The talented singer appeared on her first ever Instagram Live Stream and recorded a total of 277,000 viewers. She had appeared live to unbox and try on her Gentle Monster Sunglasses collaboration project. The live stream also featured her fellow Blackpink members, producerTeddy, and Kpop Legend G-Dragon.

  • Babyface VS. Teddy Riley

Babyface and Teddy Riley boast the most epic Instagram Live battle with over half-a-million viewers. The two battled their music catalogue against each other and it was a memorable time on social media. It became the most talked about Live battle, and led to an increase in their social media followers, and also a spike in song sales and streams.

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