Nasty C Songs Top 10 (2020)

Nasty C's top 10 songs from 2018-2020

Here is a list of Nasty C’s songs from 2018 to 2020

Nasty C is one of the best Hip-hop artists in South Africa. He is best known for his hit “SMA”, “Said” and “whipped”. The 23 years old artiste has done well for himself in his genre. This is evident from his single releases and collaborative works.

Nasty C has indeed had  a wonderful run in the previous years, with his impressive studio project “Strings and Blings” which was released in 2018 and had great songs and collaborative efforts in it. He managed to draw fans to his style of music upon his debut into the music scene.

The following are top 10 songs from Nasty C’s discography released from 2018-2020. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

  1. SMA Featuring Rowlene

  1. Strings and Blings

  1. King Featuring Asap Ferg

  1. God Flow featuring CrownedYung

  1. UOK

  1. Blisters

  1. Phases Featuring Rowlene

  1. Casanova

  1. Dance Featuring Tellaman

  1. Said Featuring

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