Nathi Songs Top 10 (2020)

Nathi’s top 10 songs from 2019-2020

Nathi is a talented South African singer and songwriter, who has over time created a unique style in which people have come to accept and love. He has released hit songs like “Noba Ngumama”, “Nomvula” among others. His knowledge of instruments is also one of those things that draw fans to to him.

People who listen to Nathi’s songs knows there is a particular form of uniqueness to it. This is evident from his studio projects. The artist has made his voice known all over Mzansi and beyond.He has over the time of his debut gotten various recognition. He had an awesome 2019 with shows, Youtube views and fan base expansion, now the new year poses to be more successful has he is set to release new projects for the Year.

The following are the top 10 songs from Nathi’s discography released from 2019-2020.Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

  1. Noba Ngumama

2. Nomakanjani Ft. Vusi Nova

3. Nomvula

4. Imibuzo

5. Amagama

6. Inyembezi

7. Ndim Lo

8. Liziwe

9. Buyele’Khaya

10. Qeqe (Emathandweni)

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